Even If You Have a Little Bit of Creative Mind Then You Should Visit Top 5 Artsy Towns in USA

For those who have the creative bent and love, traveling should really take a trip to some of the most ‘artsy’ places in America. The list that we have created for the creative minds is living and experiencing the artistic colonies of USA, away from the bustling city life and mechanical lifestyle. The natural and beautiful towns are underrated when it comes to tourist locations but even if you are the little bit of creative then will fall in love with these places. We hope that you love these offbeat locations and help in increasing the list with your comments.


Stockbridge Massachusetts 

If they had been living right now in this moment then all the four greatest artists of America would have been neighbors. We are talking about the world class poet Edna St. Vincent Millay and authors Edith Wharton and Hermon Melville as well as the painter & illustrator Norman Rockwell. The city has been the inspiration to many creative minds and as it is said that there is magic in the air. Blessed with gardens, theater, art, music and several other creative things, Stockbridge can also be named as Fabulous Bridge. If you happen to take USA trip and visit Stockbridge then do not miss the Tanglewood music festival.

Manitou Springs, Colorado

The most beautiful city on the foot of Pike’s Peak, Manitou Springs is known for 11 springs founded in 1872. Thousands of tourists visit each year to enjoy the ancient cliff dwellings and art & music celebrations. With the majority of the native population, the small town is happening place if you wish to avoid the bustling city life and hectic lifestyle.

Madrid, New Mexico

Soon after the coal and oil ran out in 1950’s the inhabitants also left the location. The wall street journal once listed an ad for sale the entire region for just $250,000 but no one purchased so it became a ghost town. However, the ancient buildings and architecture somehow survived and artists turned it into beautiful colonies of gallery and studios. From handmade cowboy boots to hats and native artifacts are famous in this region. For those who are confused, it is MA-did not the Madrid in Spain.

Delray Beach, Florida

During the 20th century, the Delray Beach was a dying beach with no active shops and tourist future. The Delray art gallery and few locations in Delray Beach have become popular among the tourists by which it is gradually becoming a prominent place in the USA. Pineapple grove is a happening place in Delray and the old industrial warehouse has been converted into artist’s alley. If these places are not intriguing during your USA trip then keep us posted with your suggestions.



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