Explore These Night Markets In Bali And Amuse Yourself With Interesting Stuff

Bali is mostly known for its beaches and for a relaxing environment that makes it as one of the most chilled destinations in Asia, also being one of the most pocket-friendly places to visit. Bali Tour Package is a package which should be availed before you should plan your trip to Bali. Bali has some interesting stuff to show up that is very different from the picture of Bali you have in your head. So after you have had enough of fun and frolic, get down to these local night-markets in Bali and buy items for yourself and take some back home. Here are some of the famous night-markets where you should shop and buy interesting stuff:




Sanur Night Market which is also known as PasarMalamSindu all over Bali is a market that is set up by the Sindhus and Sanurs who sell of their local stuff right from the products ranging to the local needs to the ritual items and also the groceries. When you visit this place in the night you would be amused to see how beautifully there are delicious food stalls that are spread over with meals on wheels everywhere, fresh food being prepared and served in front of the customers. The food is also no that expensive and is for budget travellers.


Located in Denpasar, they form one of the largest traditional markets in Denpasar. The major USP of this place is that there are a number of vendors who sell off various items here which will surely tempt you to purchase those incredible items that are laid out in front of you that you cannot help yourself but shed money from your pocket for some good. The popular items that are sold here ranges from batik clothes to traditional kitchen utensils and also stuff used for farming and agriculture. Later as the day progresses you can see the area being lit up even more beautifully with carts and food stalls which will make you spend time here even more.


Kuta Night Markets are known as Kuta Night Market because they serve you with incredible dining experience that is surely hard to find elsewhere. This market is mostly famous for its cuisines and the wide range of delicacies that it serves to the people. People from far off regions come here and savour into the taste of Bali. If you are having a taste for non-veg then you would surely fall in love with the place.


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