Enjoy Amalgamation Of Various Destinations In The Land Of Scandinavia

The country of Scandinavia is located in a gorgeous continent in the entire world, Europe. This gives us an idea about the kind of beauty this country has to offer to an avid traveler. Right from the moment one would step foot on this exquisite land, he will fall in love with the entire atmosphere of this place which is so pleasing and at the same time gives out a positive vibe. The uniqueness of this place is refreshment in comparison to the cliché holiday destinations.

Stockholm Metro Station


You must be wondering that why a metro station is worth visiting on a Scandinavia tour. Well, it might perplex certain people but this is one of the destinations which should simply not be missed out on the trip to this northern part of Europe. Even though it is not officially announced, this station is considered to be world’s longest art gallery. This is because it has some exciting paintings right from the 1970s. The concept behind this was to promote art by the public on a public platform.

Rapa River


Even though this river is only 75 km long, this river flows through some of the most eye-pleasing sights of this region. It stretches out from its source to the Lake Tjaktjajaure. The main attraction of this lake is the Laitaure Delta which is at the mouth of the lake. Because of its raw natural feel and unspoiled landscape, it is also fondly known as the “Alaska of Europe”. Not only this, but there is also interesting wildlife worth discovering over here.



Because of its geographical location, the natural features of this travel destination are unique and hence this place should not be missed on a Scandinavia tour. The northernmost region of this location touches the Arctic Circle. The best season to visit here is the winter season as the traveler can witness the Northern Lights in the Aurora Zone during this period. Along with this, there is a village of Rovaniemi where Santa’s home is located. Due to this, this village has visitors from all around the world throughout the year.

The Troll Wall


This wall is an impressive structure which is a part of the Trolltindene Mountain situated in the Romsdalen valley. This wall is considered to be the tallest vertical rock in the entire continent of Europe as it is 1,100 m tall. This rock is being constantly reshaped by nature as it undergoes various melting incidents as well as frequent storms. Even though the climb is tough for professional climbers as well, the landscape is worth it due to its breathtaking view.


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