Top Five Things That You Can Find ONLY In Malaysia

Extraordinary things always draw and attract towards it. The uniqueness always attracts humans and it is something that everyone would like to explore. Similarly, there are several things extraordinary that you can find in each country. Apart from the famous Malaysian hospitality and scenic beauty, there are few things that you can find only in Malaysia. If you are planning for a Malaysia tour soon then this piece of information will be really of interest to you. If you have not booked your Malaysia tour package then by the end of this article you will start searching the options.

World’s Largest Blooming Flower


IF you already know about it then you must be general knowledge genius or already visited Malaysia several times. The enchanting tropical forest of Malaysia is home to some of the most interesting things like the largest blooming flower. Located in the remote jungles of Sabah, Borneo, the Rafflesia flower is approximately 100 cm in diameter and it has a unique beauty. It neither has any leaves, stem or roots. Do whatever but do not go near it as it is also known as the ‘Stinking Corpse Lily’ because while it blooms it emits a stinking odor similar to a rotten meat or decaying corpse.

The Chamber of Sarawak


Located in the Borneo islands, the Sarawak Chamber is part of the Mulu national park. The national park has been listed under the UNESCO world heritage list and it is one of the largest underground chambers. As per the records, the surface area of the chamber is around 162,700 so meters which mean it can easily fit in 40 Boeing 747 aircraft without even touching the wings. It is also said that one can easily fly a jet plane within the cave without touching the walls. It is more exciting than it sounds crazy!

Huge Proboscis Species


You must have different types of monkeys with black faces, brown hairs and in the variety of sizes. When you book your Malaysia tour package do not forget to include Borneo islands as part of your tour. The Proboscis monkeys in Borneo are different and largest in the world. They are around 70 cms tall and weigh around 23 kgs. They have the ability to swim up to 65 feet underwater and feed on leaves or unripened fruits. The reason why they eat unripened fruits is because of ripened fruits ferments and causes fatal bloating. They are also known as the ‘Orang Belanda’ which means ‘Dutchmen’ in the local language.

Gigantic Leaves


Malaysia forests are also home to the largest undivided leaf in the world. The name, Alocasia macrorrhiza, is what it is known as. It is found near the Sabah region in shady areas. The largest leaf ever found till date is around 1.9 meters wide and 3 meters long. It is also known as Elephant ear!

World’s Oldest Rain Forest


The name of the oldest rainforest in the world is Taman Negara. It is truly the oldest of all the rainforest in the world which is explored till date. It is estimated to be 130 million years old from the Jurassic period. There are rare animals, mammals, and crab-eating macaque which are difficult to find anywhere else in the world.

There are several other things that will leave you awestruck in Malaysia. We wish you a happy journey and expect that you will share your experience with us and add few more locations on the list!


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