South Africa is more than just wildlife reserves

Each and everything about the country of South Africa is intriguing. Right from its physical features to its way of living, South Africa stands out in comparison to other countries in a unique manner. The holiday destinations of this country stir the imagination of the common man. If you’re planning a romantic getaway, there are unending white sand beaches with lavish resorts. On the other side, the dense forests and adventurous safaris attract the travelers looking for a different experience.

Grootwinterhoek Wilderness Area: Situated in the Western Cape region of South Africa, this place is 120 km. north from the globally famous city of Cape Town. It is known especially for the ruggedness of its landscape which has a beauty of its own. The rawness of this place is such that there are unique rock formations carved by the atmospheric changes that happened here over the years. This area also protects the flora and fauna of the nearby regions and the living organisms residing there.

Sandy Bay: Sandy Bay is an expansive beach which is located in the capital of South Africa, Cape Town. Though it is not officially declared, Sandy Bay is the only beach in the entire country where it is considered acceptable to sunbathe absolutely naked. This is because the water is so cold that there’s a constant fear of freezing to death. Hence people come here to soak in Vitamin D and have a good time. The best part about this beach is that it has huge mountains which serve as a backdrop of the Sandy Bay.

Elim: Elim which is the Western Cape of South Africa is basically just a small town. This Moravian mission town has a great significance in terms of the history of the slavery days of Africa. There is a first slave monument in the fond memory of the slaves who found refuge in this region. This region where the monument was built is also home to 2,500 people, most of which are slave descents. Despite the hardships it has placed, this place has a water body with palm trees on its banks. This is a sign of the cheerfulness of this place of the people who have emerged from their troubles.

Sani Pass: Originally considered to be a part of Drakensberg, this pass links the KwaZulu-Natal to Lesotho. It is said to be the most thrilling yet dangerous pass in the entire country. Not only this, but it is also one of the highest passes in the whole world. The drive consumes a couple of hours of the South Africa tour package from India as it is a risky drive yet the experience it offers is invaluable.


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