Top Five Reasons Why Do People Prefer Thailand As Their Ultimate Destination For Holidays?

The winter vacation in India is nearing and most of the tourists must be already planning for the new year celebration. If you are looking for cheap and affordable tourist destination where you can enjoy the new year celebration with your friends or family then consider Thailand tour this time. You will be just amazed and surprised with the bundle of beauty that Thailand is blessed with and the variety of options to relax and enjoy it offers to each of its tourists. It takes around 4-7 hours from Mumbai to reach Thailand depending on the airline carrier and hopping flights that you choose. Before traveling check out the top five reasons why Thailand is beneficial for you compared to other destinations.


Cheap and Affordable

The local currency used in Thailand is Baht and the value of Baht is just 2 INR = 1 Baht which means for 20,000 INR you can get the good amount of 10000 Bahts. If you take the good package of Thailand tour from Mumbai including accommodation, travel, and meals, you can easily manage within your budget. If you are not planning to take any kind of package then you can find cheap and affordable hotels in Bangkok.

Complete Platter

Most Indians have preferred choice of visiting either beachside tourist location or mountain side or green lush forest, but if you get a complete platter of all these locations in one place then what would you ask for? Thailand located in the Malay peninsula is blessed with some of the best locations in the world that you can ever imagine. Whether you are a party animal or wish to relax and take a break from the city life, you have a plethora of options in Thailand.

Breathtaking Locations

India has a hot climate except in winters and that too in specific regions. Thailand has a warm and comfortable climate all around the year. This makes it more suitable for people traveling from Asia as well as other colder countries where sunlight is minimal. White sandy beaches, sipping a cocktail while sunbath anytime you feel like is truly an amazing experience. IF you wish to take a break from the party, music, noise, pollution and people for some time then you can plan to visit some of the offbeat locations in Thailand like Hua Hin, The King’s Palace, Khao Takiab Beach, Khao Sam Roi Yot and Koh Lanta. All these destinations are breathtaking and beautiful to spend quality time with friends and family.

Safe and Friendly People

Local Thai people are friendly and enjoy the company of foreigners. You can get better insights about the upcoming festivals, best streets to visit and local specialty in cuisines from the natives. Due to the diverse population in Thailand, you can find a wide range of options depending on your interest. The famous local dish that you can easily find at any street restaurants is Thai curry and rice. Bangkok has a street food culture because people keep traveling and it is affordable to opt for street food than visiting high range restaurants.

Shopping Hub

For shopaholics, Bangkok is a paradise where you can find good quality stuff at cheap rates. Before visiting sharpen your bargaining skills and play the game. Inside tip is buy shoes from Bangkok than electronics. These are some of the major tips that we have identified based on our experience, research, and reviews of the travelers. If you wish to travel for holiday season then book your Thailand tour package from Mumbai in advance and keep us posted with your experience.


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