3 Reasons a Guided Scandinavia Tour is Super-Awesome

Scandinavia is the land of breathtaking mountains and glaciers, picturesque fjords and fascinating medieval towns and cities. Visit design shops, go on an adventure in Lapland, plan a day amid the mesmerizing fjord landscape or spend a lazy afternoon in castles and parks – there are endless things you can do and see in Scandinavia. The historical and cultural region in Northern Europe, Scandinavia includes Finland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland, which means there is a lot to be explored. Although the option of independent travel is always open to travelers, guided Scandinavia tours make more sense, especially for the reasons we discuss in the blog post.

  1. Time Saving

When you have limited time, it is advisable to avoid independent travel, especially in Scandinavia. If you plan to use local transport, it might take an entire day or even more to reach from one destination to another. Guided tours have main tourist attractions listed out for travelers and give you a chance to see the area as a local. You don’t need to understand the public transport system or spend hours figuring out which places to visit.

  1. More Informative

Scandinavia has rich history and culture and so it makes more sense to take a guided tour of historical sites and cultural places. The local guides know a lot about the historical importance of these places, so you don’t need to walk around reading a book or surfing the web to learn more about the past of any castle or centuries old construction. You can enjoy the picturesque view of the historical sites and cultural places, while someone else is shedding light on its history.

  1. Safe

If you believe that the world isn’t a safe place or are scared of roaming freely at a new destination, book a guided tour of Scandinavia. You also feel safe on a guided tour as there’s someone looking after your safety during the entire trip. Travelers who are not familiar with the local street patterns of large cities often find it intimidating to explore the place without the fear of getting lost or any mishap. Guided tours have a native person who is aware of the places to visit and those to be avoided.

Last Few Words

The Western Europe’s most pristine, prosperous and progressive corner, Scandinavia will delight all your senses. Planning a tour that covers all the major attractions and cities could, however, be stressful and it is better to leave the job to travel experts. A guided Scandinavia tours package not just saves your time but also creates lasting memories – if planned the right way. Look for an experienced guided tour company with the team of experts who have traveled extensively through the Scandinavian region. This would ensure that you get an inside scoop on all the places that are worth the visit.


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