Top Five Exotic and Romantic Places to Visit for Your Dream Honeymoon Tour

If you and your precious half are looking for some dreamland where you can spend the most precious moments of your life then taking honeymoon tour package to magical Bali is totally worth it. For those who are not known about the fact, Indonesia is the hub of islands with 17000 islands and Bali is one of the most romantic picturesque places in the world. The beautiful white sand beaches, tropical rainbow shores, lively nightlife and rich cultural background gives an exciting honeymoon experience to newlyweds. In order to save your time, we have identified some of the most romantic locations within Bali where you can spend your cozy time.

1. Start Your Romantic Journey from Uluwatu

The reason why this location tops our chart is because of it is peninsular location and love is in the air of this place. If you are water animal and water sports then this location is apt for stir up your passion. Enjoy your stay at the best hotel, lounging out in the pool looking at the ocean and adding spice to the attraction.

2. Let the heat rise with romantic walk around the volcanic walk

The best early morning tour that you can plan is to the active volcano location at Mount Batur at 1700 meters height from sea level. This adventures ride will enable you to create a lifetime experience. Nature’s beauty is clearly visible from the top of the mountain. You can enjoy a romantic meal at the sojourn and visit the Besakih temple.

3. Get relaxing and peaceful experience at Canggu

Taking a romantic ride to the sunset at the Canggu looks just like in movies. Take a ride on the beach with your paramour, right through crossing the rivers and via rice paddy fields. There are one or two another stops between the small journey at the caves and temple. Canggu is one of the best locations in Bali that you should not miss during your honeymoon tour.

4. Get isolated from the world for some time at Penida Island

Spend some lone evening time with your lovely partner at the secluded Crystal Bay on Penida Island. Spice up the moment with delicious barbecue and enjoy snorkeling activity with your partner. Play some music and enjoy romantic camp fire dance that you guys can remember all your life.

5. Pamper yourself at the Spa Resort

After the complete long weekend activities, you can relax your mind, body, and soul with spa and fragrance of love at luxurious resorts. Ayana resort is one of the most popular resorts among honeymooners in Bali. The massage and spa will make you fall in love with the place and rejuvenate to restart the entire honeymoon again!

These are some of the most beautiful and romantic places that we have researched and identified for our readers. Please keep us posted if you have any new places in mind.


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