Party hard on New Year’s at these 4 places!

As the much awaited New Year’s occurs once in a year, therefore it is important to celebrate it in a memorable manner. But welcoming the New Year in a typical party is too cliché. Instead, head off to some of the best destinations in the world to be included in your New Year Packages. Not only do you get to enjoy a tremendous party but you also get to experience the local cultural festivities of the place. Visiting any of these places will make your New Year Package absolutely worth it.


The city of London surely knows how it rings in the New Year in style, at the chiming of Big Ben at midnight. On the banks of the Thames River, more than 250,000 people crowd here and also on the numerous bridges around it in order to witness the spectacular ten-minute light show and fireworks display. This display provides the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye and also the Shard in the form of urban scenery.

Hong Kong

Already popular as one of the world’s most dramatic skylines, the city of Hong Kong light up each year on the New Years with an avid display of fireworks. This display just keeps getting better and better with each year. The celebration begins with a ball drop at midnight in the Times Square Shopping Mall. The main center for the activities in the evening is Victoria Harbour. In order to enjoy the best view of this celebration, the Avenue of Stars in Tsim Tsa Shui is the ideal place for the dazzling light show.


Fondly known as the capital of the country of Germany, Berlin has a reputation for being a great party destination all around the year. In a city which beliefs in partying at any day possible, one can imagine the kind of New Year’s party taking place here. The celebration is known as “Silvester”, which should not be missed out on a New Year Package. There is a two-kilometer-long stretch in this party which is its major attraction, called the “Party Mile”. This stretch is full of bars, laser shows, international food stalls, party tents, video screens, music stages etc.

Las Vegas

Simply the name of Las Vegas is enough to give any layman an idea about the excitement which is in store for him on a New Year Package to this place. The roads of this city are shut down for vehicles on this night, is filled with more than 300,000 visitors. The streets here have live music all around, attractive displays and people spreading the joy everywhere. It is an absolute treat to enjoy such an atmosphere.


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