Top Five Interesting and Exciting Things to Do During Your South Africa Tour

If you are looking for an extremely diverse country that can offer different types of unique experiences then you should plan to choose a tour package to South Africa. Whether you are planning to take a tour package with your family friends or solo backpacking trip, South Africa has something or other to offer each of its visitors. It is an apt location for people, who love the adventurous ride and look for the thrilling experiences like bungee jumping, hiking, rock climbing or mountaineering. With a tumultuous past, the country has become one of the most chosen and loved tourist locations in the world. In order to save your time and research, we have listed top five interesting and exciting things that you can do while your tour in South African destinations.

1. Spending Night at the Famous Afrovibe Adventure Lodge

If you are on a backpacking trip then you must visit the Afrovibe Adventure Lodge located in the Sedgefield on Mayo Beach. Located away from any large city, this lodge is on a 14 km beach where you can find minimal tourist crowd. For adventure activities, you should visit the adventure center where you can take a short trip for shark cage diving, bungee jumping, etc. If you are looking for some relaxing time away from the mechanical and hectic life then you can also opt for a beach house with kitchen, wooden deck, terrace, and ocean views.

2. Taking Tour to Robben Island

Robben Island is one of the most monumental places in South Africa. Being strongly attached to the history of South Africa, Robben Island is famously known as the home of Nelson Mandela who stayed here for 18 of 27 years of imprisonment. Now it has been certified as a world heritage site. To reach Robben Island you will have to take a short ferry ride from Cape Town waterfront. You can find ferries frequently traveling to Robben Island during 9 AM till 3 PM.

3. Spending Long Night at Long Street, Cape Town

If you are traveling to South Africa and if you have not visited Cape Town then your tour package is incomplete. Among other famous places in Cape Town, you should not miss visiting the central hub of downtown in Cape Town. Long Street is a happening place off Cape Town where night and day you can find equally exciting and lively. You can find locals; tourists and visitors enjoying food, drinks, and services all day and night. If you are looking for accommodation options then do not worry as you can find several places in Long Street.

4. Mountain Climbing Activities at the Table Mountain

Table Mountain is one of the most iconic landmarks in South Africa. Famous among the hikers and mountaineers, Table Mountain has more than 350 trains for varying skill levels. Most strenuous hikes take 3-4 hours and once you reach the top of the restaurant and gift shop where you can buy a souvenir for yourself or family. On your way back from the top, you can take the cable car and enjoy beautiful birds eye view of the mountain.

5. Visit the Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town

Alfred Waterfront is a famous location in Cape Town where you can learn a lot about South Africa and its history. You will be told stories about how Dutch, Flemish, British, and Malay worked together to create South Africa. If you see any event or festival celebrated during your visit then don’t miss to participate in the same.


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