The 5 places you wouldn’t want to miss in Switzerland

Traveling to Switzerland, one of Europe’s most beautiful and serene countries, will not only be a wonderful trip but it will be a spectacular escape to a heavenly destination on earth. While there are so many places to enjoy a Christmas break, heading to Switzerland would be really mesmerizing. From the mighty Alps and the lovely lakes to the pretty villages, towns, and cities, this country has a lot to offer to its visitors. We have listed below for you, a list of 5 places, which, you wouldn’t want to miss on Switzerland holiday packages.

No matter wherethe journey takes you, enjoy theadventure. (1).png


Known as the ‘Pearl of the Alps’, Saas fee is an incredible destination, which is unique in its own way and spending time here is sure to be a treat by itself. You will find over here, beautiful chalets all around the village and in the heart of this place you will find old granaries built on stilt and timber chalets. Situated at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level, it is a wonderful place for those who like to ski and enjoy hiking trails.


One the most popular tourist spots in Switzerland, Interlaken is a wonderful Swiss city and has a lot of international importance. It is located in between two lakes, the Lake of Brienz and lake Thun. The historic paddle steamers that ply in these lakes are really a nice sight. Three mountains, Jungfrau, Monch and Eiger, surround the city, making it a good place for adventure activities like hiking and excursions.


Bern is probably one those few places around the world that have successfully managed to retain and preserve its heritage. This Swiss city is again a very beautiful destination. Bern has small streets, a lot of sandstone facades, several historic towers, and many fountains, which are unique in its own way. This place is also a major shopping hub not just in Switzerland but also in the entire continent of Europe.


Basel is situated at an interesting point where, the three countries, Switzerland, Germany, and France meet. It is amongst the most frequented tourist destinations in this country and the major attractions over here for tourists are the cathedrals from the 9th and 11th centuries, the medieval era homes, the market square and the three-country corner.


Amongst the oldest of the Swiss cities, is this lovely place called Chur. You would get to see over here, some wonderful Stone Age relics. The city also has a nice river and the mountains, valley of the area together make this city a great destination to relax and unwind on Switzerland holiday packages.


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