These Attractions Will Make You Fall In Love With Dubai

Just when you will first set foot in this rich city, Dubai will fascinate you with its, optimism, energy and openness towards people and tourists from all over the world. If you are a die-hard foodie the staggering variety of authentic and unique global fare is exhilarating, and also the shopping here – which people living there normally consider a chore – but is actually a joy. Dubai is such a place that is constantly in flux. Here are some reasons that I bet will make you fall in love with this ultimate city of Dubai and will definitely make you want to plan your Dubai tour package be it from Ahmedabad, or anywhere else around the globe.


Vast cultural dynamism

The Emiratis making up only for a fraction of the population, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai are the bustling microcosms which are peacefully shared by the cultures from every corner of the world. This diversity here expresses itself in the culinary, fashion, landscape, music and performance. Though it is rooted in Islamic tradition, this is a very open society where it is easy for newcomers and tourists to connect with the myriad experiences, be it eating and trying various delicacies or dancing on the beach and not forgetting shopping for local art or riding a camel in the desert.

Heaven for shopaholics

It doesn’t matter if you are a bargain hunter or a power shopper, you are going to have a fine time spending your dirhams in Abu Dhabi and Dubai .Especially Dubai is a top retail hub that hosts two huge annual shopping festivals. Shopping definitely is a leisure activity here; the malls are much more than the just mere collection of stores. Some of the stores here look like an Italian palazzo or the Persian palace and tends to lure visitors with its surreal attractions like an indoor ski slope or a very huge aquarium.

Nocturnal happenings

Once it is dark, Dubai usually seems like it is a city filled with lotus eaters, forever on the lookout for having a good time. The shape-changing party spectrum caters for just about every budget age group and taste. From the flashy dance temples, the sleek rooftop terraces and the sizzling beach clubs with fancy cocktail caverns and concerts under millions of stars, Dubai definitely delivers hot-stepping odysseys. Major nightlife centers on the posh hotels, but there is no shortage of more of the wholesome diversions either, including the stunning sheesha lounges, the community theaters, and the live music venues.

Dubai’s world of sports

The fancy new racecourse which is a 40km drive from the town, with two swish grandstands and also a floodlit track especially to conduct night racing during the time of Ramadan.Traditionally, the action takes place right on the track, with the spectators joining owners, as still done by the Emiratis, following the long-lashed beauties on the track in their 4WDs, while urging on their pride. The exceptionally erratic driving of the owners can be very entertaining, racing at the dashing speed up to 60km/h.There was a time when the use of young jockeys was a contentious issue but now robotic jockeys ride you to the ships of the desert, which is operated by a remote control. It is a very curious sight that depicts camels and robots lolloping out of dust, and the 4WDs creating a havoc on the course. Don’t forget to take your cameras to capture this life-time experience.


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