Top 5 Exotic Romantic Getaways For Your Honeymoon

Not all of the honeymooners have their eyes and heart set on classic Hawaii. Many newlyweds are choosing to search their romantic getaway in pursuit of the perfect exotic beach for their post-wedding retreat-one that is the perfect blend of romance, adventure, and fun in one getaway. So here are the top 5 exotic beach destinations for your honeymoon to make it the memory you cherish all your life.

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Beautiful and perfectly laid-back Belize which is just a two-hour flight from Miami is the ideal honeymoon destination after the frenetic pace of your wedding. It is still an unspoiled tropical paradise that is not as well known as other Western Caribbean islands. Being the home of the world’s second-largest barrier reef system, Belize has excellent, diving, and fishing, plus most perfect beaches for sunbathing. You must be sure to carve out some time to visit- the Mayan ruins and rainforest reserves during your honeymoon.



Maldives should be a priority amongst the top 5 exotic beach destinations for your honeymoon. If your idea of a honeymoon is a deserted island, then the Maldives are for you. Located 430 miles southwest of Sri Lanka, this place is made up of 26 atolls spread over 35,000 square feet. The archipelago sits on the top of the massive underwater mountain range. From the air, you see a perfect mosaic of sand bars and coral reefs. This is blessing for divers who wish to see the whale sharks, moray eels, and stingrays Manta rays, reef sharks, and turtles like the hawksbill and various green sea varieties The trip is worth it all.


The first thing that you’ll realize about Fiji is that the locals are incredibly friendly and the shouts of “Bula!” (hello) are directed at just about for everyone. Located in Melanesia- the Republic of Fiji sits in the South Pacific Ocean, which is more than 2,100 miles away from Tahiti and midway between Tonga and Vanuatu. Since the Fijian islands were formed by -volcanic activity millions of years ago, you will find rugged mountains that are blanketed with lush green forests on many islands. The beaches are surreal golden crescents and many other islands offer world-class snorkeling and diving. Fiji has a number of championship golf courses and these islands offer a terrific mix of activities for honeymooners of all age.


A honeymoon in Phuket is a great choice of romantic destination after all the hassle of marriage functions. This beautiful island lives and breathes intimacy and has many crannies and nooks ideal for couples, including several award-winning west-coast restaurants with great sunset views and sunset hilltop. Romantic cruises off Phuket are another big favorite and must visit for newlyweds. Romantic restaurants are what Phuket is best at With a 50km-long sandy coastline dotted with many picturesque bays with covers as well as lofty viewpoints that are ideal for that perfect sunset cocktail with your honey – the stage is set for romance at the surreal locations such as Mom Tri’s Kitchen in Kata Noi. These both are set on beachside cliffs and both offer sensational sunset views.

Taha’A, French Polynesia

When couples dream of a Polynesian vacation they most often think about Tahiti or Bora Bora. But why not consider -the intimate isle of Taha’a, t hat shares a lagoon with fellow Society Islands neighbor named Raiatea, and it is an overseas territory of France. This is the place for couples who want some isolation and those who find Tahiti too rushed. Time will stop on “Vanilla Island,” as it is known for many villa plantations that dot the amazing landscape. You will also find the traditional pearl farm huts that are built on stilts out in the lagoon. Spend your days on the beach and chilling with your beloved, exploring the remote interior roads by 4×4, or by visiting the botanical gardens.


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