Top 4 Places To Be At Around The Time Of New Year’S Eve

The New Year’s Eve comes once in a year, so it becomes very important to make it memorable. But now the question is where to go? Which would be the best place to be at when the clock hits midnight on 31st December? There are rather too many great options so we would leave the final decision up to you, but will surely help you give a brief and descriptive idea of what’s special about which place. There are places like Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate to the Beaches of Rio De Janeiro. It isn’t just about the NYE, the fun, and the enthusiasm mustn’t stop, these places offer great varieties of New Year’s Day activities too. Dance parties that go on all night long, fireworks shows, regional and cultural functions and what not. Below is a list of places you must consider before you decide on your New Year tour packages.

New York City

There are only a very few rivals to the atmosphere and the enthusiasm that the NYC sports on the New Year’s Eve. The gathering of over 12 million people in the Times Square to witness the popular musicians is a view to die for. You can feel the positivity and the enthusiasm flowing in the air. You can also witness the ball drop when the 12-foot-crystal ball which weighs about 12000 pounds comes down on the top of One Times Square. If you just want to witness the whole gathering and not want to be a part of it you book a table at a bar or a restaurant that overlooks Times Square.

Rio de Janeiro

This place is known to host one of the worlds and the wildest New Year’s Eve party on its Copacabana beach. More than 2 million people jam the two and a half mile sand area. This unique blend of traditional, religious and superstitious celebration is called Réveillon. The celebration also has a colorful fireworks show and staged performances and concerts.


This place is one of the best and sure does deserve to be on your New Year tour package because of two main reasons: the first reason is because of its location, it happens to be the first major city where the clock strikes 12. And the second reason is that Sydney puts up the largest fireworks show in the whole world, with one at 9 pm and the second and the best at 00:00 hrs.


Londoners begin their New Year’s Eve celebrations by the loud sound of Big Ben at midnight. Over 2,50,000 people cram the banks of Thames and the bridges on it to witness the colorful 10-minute fireworks show and light-show, with the Palace of Westminster, the London Eye and the Shard adding an essence to the wide urban panorama. This is not just it, the after parties and the parades on the streets of central London that features costumed dancers, marching bands and a cavalcade of the Queen’s horses is also a few of the glimpses of the New Year’s Eve in London.


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