Welcome The New Year With Grandeur And Joy!

In the lives of people with hectic lives, we all look forward to a holiday where we can leave the stressful thoughts behind and party hard. There is no better way to do this than go on a New Year tour package. Every layman would like to go on a vacation where you can enjoy great food, bond with your friends, and absorb the essence of the place, all at the same time. It is an assurance that booking a New Year tour package to such fun-filled placed will be the best way to end the year on a cheerful note.

1. New York

Despite being one of the biggest and most well-developed cities in the entire world, the city of New York definitely knows how to have a good time. If you want a New Year tour which you don’t forget for life, then this is the ideal place for you. An event which is popular all over the world is that millions of people gather at the Times Square on New Year’s Eve and wait for the ball to drop at midnight. The mere aura and energy of this incident is intoxicating and absolutely worth the visit over here.

2. Rio De Janeiro

Rio is already famous all over the world for its Carnival festivities, therefore its New Year’s Eve celebration is always promising. The iconic beach called Copacabana is known for hosting the world’s largest and most overwhelming New Year’s Eve party. In this party, over two million people welcome the New Year in a two and a half mile stretch of the beach. This party is a perfect blend of traditional, religious, and superstitious beliefs, known as Réveillon.

3. Sydney

The capital of Australia has attained fame for its New Year’s Eve celebrations due to two major factors. The first one is that the location of this place is irresistible for every traveler. Secondly, geographically this is the first major city in the world where the clock strikes midnight. In accordance to this, Sydney displays the second largest fireworks show on a global scale. The view takes the breath away as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House provide a striking setting to the show.

4. Edinburgh

The annual festivities in this city last for three days, which gives one an idea about the grand celebration held. It starts with a torchlight procession which is then ended with a fireworks finale. All over the city, the New Year is welcomed with massive street parties and outdoor concerts like Waters of the River Forth at the conclusion of the Loony Dook parade (a charity event); and Scotland’s, a multi venue music and arts festival.


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