4 top notch places one must visit in Canada

Canada, as the most of the people are known to this fact, is the second largest country in the world. It also has a wide array of natural marvels and wonders. So it might get a little difficult to jot down which places that you must consider in your Canada tour packages. There are a lot of places that can make you go bonkers while you’re supposed to choose between the extensive list of places that are totally worth your visit, as every other place will seem better than the prior one. So, to ease your job below is a list of places that should land in one’s Canada tour package for sure.


The Rockies

The entire Rockies ranges in the USA as well, but when it comes to unparalleled beauty and scenery its northern neighbor surely outshines for that matter. This place is best in both summer as well as in winters as it offers hiking and mountain climbing options in summers and for the winters don’t forget to pack your ski suit along, as skiing in the Rockies of Canada is sure as hell going to be an experience of a lifetime for you. This place also is home to all in total 5 well known National Parks namely Banff, Jasper, Glacier, Yoho, and Kootenay.

Vancouver Island and the Johnstone Strait

If you are amongst those who love surfing, the wild and epic waves here are surely going to lure you in. And if not that, the animals and wildlife admirers are usually found contended here after spotting the orcas in the wild water of Johnstone Strait. If you would rather prefer something more soothing to all this excitement, you can unwind with something that is quintessentially British, afternoon tea at the Victoria’s Empress Hotel.


The Polar Bear capital of the world is a heaven for those who would love to spot animals in their raw and natural habitat. A usual tourist on a usual winter’s day might as well spot as much as 40 of these beautiful yet fierce species. But don’t you worry if you’re here while the summer time as that is the best time to spot the Beluga whales. You can also see the northern lights on a lucky winter night. The colorful wildflowers are known to spotted from June to August. That being said, it is safe to say that this small town with an approximate population of 1000 has something to offer to everyone, round the year.

Niagara Falls

Victoria Falls may be wider and the Angel Falls may be higher, but the Niagara Falls still hold the tag of world’s most famous waterfall. This fall has made a backdrop for one of the best films of Marilyn Monroe. And also has been a host to a lot of honeymoon couples, weddings as well as daredevils from across the world who tend to test themselves against the mother nature by ways like walking on a tightrope and what not. This place is usually seen on a Canada tour package, despite being so mainstream, this place won’t fail to leave you awestruck.


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