Visit these 4 not-so-known places of China

Almost every country in the world has its own individualistic culture. But very few have a culture which as distinct as the one in China. Majorly popular for the contrasts it offers, on one hand, a tourist can experience the thriving infrastructure of cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing. While on the other hand, this country also consists of rural and underdeveloped areas. But despite all this, this is an ideal place to lose yourself into its amazing culture and explore the country from a first-hand point of view. For such a soul-filling experience, visit all these places on the China packages.


1. Kunming

Located in southwest China, Kunming is extremely rich industrially, economically, and also culturally. This city is connected through the rail system to all the important cities of the country. Due to its mild climate which keeps fluctuating slightly, this is a favorable place to visit at all times of the year. With reference to the fine climate, a major industry of this place is the flower-growing industry which is an addition to the beauty of the place. The tourists are free to visit flower exhibits, auctions, and an impressive botanical garden.

2. Jiuzhaigou

The valley of Jiuzhaigou is described as a fairyland due to the presence of a number of waterfalls, the snow-covered karst mountains, and 108 lakes that are present here. These lakes are green, turquoise and blue in color and are crystal clear to such an extent that one can see the bottom of the lakes as well. Here also resides giant pandas, but it is slightly difficult to spot them due to the large park.

3. Hangzhou

Countless poets and artists have made Hangzhou and its West Lake immortal and famous for its natural scenery. This city was described as the most beautiful and magnificent city in the world by Marco Polo in the 13th century. The most famous sight of this city is the West Lake which is a large lake that is lined with ancient buildings and separated by causeways. It also has gardens which are designed for spirituality and relaxation.

4. Yangshuo

Originally, Yangshuo has been popular among backpackers due to its budget-friendly prices and a laid back atmosphere. This used to attract tourists on a China package to come here and enjoy its beautiful scenery. Surrounded by fields on all sides, this place has the exact essence of a countryside.


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