Bigger Does Not Mean Better – Top 5 Undiscovered Locations For Your Next Europe Tour

Most of the people, especially people booking for Europe tour package from Mumbai or any part of India typically choose to travel to larger cities like London or Paris while their Europe tour. However, there are several other rewarding places in Europe which are much more and stunningly beautiful than the frequently visited places. If you or your friends are planning to book Europe tour package from Mumbai then we recommend you to go through the list of undiscovered places in Europe.

Porto Palermo, Albania

The low profile village in Albania has been blessed with naturally beautiful green hills and features 18th century castle well-preserved. You can drive to Porto Palermo from country routes and find beautiful accommodation at Agave resort. Guests can partake in outdoor activities like biking, fishing, snorkelling, etc.

Sainte-Agnes, France

This tiny gem location is seaside village located near atop mountain. Climbing the hills, one can visit the 9th century chateau, visit the Maginot line for 360 degrees view of the water. As there are limited options for accommodation in Sainte-Agnes, you can either choose to select the French Riviera or Hotel Negresco for elegant hotels.

Coimbra, Portugal

Embedded with several historical attractions, the bustling city of Coimbra is now gaining popularity among tourists. Many festivals and events are organized which you can plan to take part in. Best option to get access to all major sightseeing, taking accommodation within the city is recommended. The city boasts of oldest academic institution in entire Europe.

Kutor, Montenegro

Located in the channel of Montenegro, Kutor is blessed with natural beauty and picturesque locations. With unparalleled beauty, the city offers a wide range of tourist spots where you can spend quality time with your friends and family. People who love adventurous activities can enjoy paragliding from the top of cliffs and water activities.

Warsaw, Poland

The beautiful city of Poland was actually destroyed in WWII but it has been completely rebuilt and reinvented. With properly planning and engineering, the city looks so majestic and lively with colourful buildings, pubs & bars, art galleries, etc. Most of the hotels are located in the main centre of the city near the Palace of culture and science. There are beautiful gardens, libraries and glass footbridge.
These are some of the location which we have identified based on our research and tourist reviews. If you have visited Europe or plan to book Europe tour package from Mumbai or any other part of India, then please keep us posted with the locations you have discovered. It will help our readers and people who are planning for Europe.


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