Top 5Things You Didn’T Know You Could Do In Europe

When you think about Europe you think about clicking a selfie near the Eiffel tower or visiting the canals of Venice. Europe is just the perfect one stop destination for everything you’re looking for, but little you know that there are much lesser known fun things you can do when you take up your Europe tour package from Ahmedabad.

1. Sleep with the fishes at Sweden’s – Utter inn

Sweden’s utter inn is your perfect archetypal proper Swedish house which has red painted wood paneled walls with a white gabled roof. This place is located on an island in middle of the Lake Maralen. Utter Inn- lies 3m below the surface of the lake and I bet a night spent there is literally like living in a goldfish bowl. This will be one unique experience of you Europe tour.

2. Play for high stakes at Italy’s Il Palio

The famous bareback horse race – Il Palio is a death-defying dash which is around the boundary of the city’s majestic- Piazza del Campo. The race lasts for only 90 seconds and is held twice every summer. There are no rules of this race as the rider shove their fellow riders off their mount.The race is very tacky one to finish due to its sharp turns and slippery surface. It Is the horse that matters- the horse who crosses the line first wins the race even without the rider.

3. Let go your grip of reality in Austria

Come to Austria for the CAVE (Cave Automatic Visual Environment). This room which measures 3m in a cute cube shape, is at the cutting-edge of virtual reality. The simulation utilizes technology which is so advanced that the 3D projections dance along the floor and across the walls, as you navigate through the virtual solar systems and wander across artificial landscapes you will feel like you are part of the installation.

4. Take a canal tour in Amsterdam

Take up a boat ride which will last an hour, in which you’ll explore Amsterdam’s- UNESCO protected canal ring. During your tour you will come to know plenty of interesting facts about the city You must not forget to include other services like practical hop-on-hop-off services, child-friendly adventures, , romantic candle-lit tours and intimate guided boat tours in your Europe tour package from Ahmedabad.

5. Sail around the island of Capri

Capri is a hugely popular day-trip destination. Explore beyond the designer boutiques and the swiss cafes and you will find that- Capri retains its un-spoilt charm, with massive villas, over-grown vegetable plots, the sun-bleached peeling stucco and the banks of beautifully colored bougainvillea. All of this overlooks the depth of the crystal clear blue water which laps into the secluded coves and mysterious grottoes.


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