Top Four Unique and Off Beat Places to Visit, Things to Do, and Experience during Your Dubai Tour

Dubai is the heart of the Middle East and one of the most beautiful places in the world. Undoubtedly, there are a plethora of options that you can explore and experience during your Dubai tour. In fact, a single Dubai tour package is not enough to fully explore the beautiful city. Whether you have visited earlier or not, whether you have visited the famous locations or not, we are sure that the list of activities and places that we have identified is unique, interesting and exciting.

1. Lisaili Camel Market

We sure that you must have seen few camels in your life, but watching hundreds of camels at the same time is a unique experience. It is a camel market which features various handicraft stalls and trinkets. Most people visiting Dubai may not be aware of this place but it is a common hotspot for sale and purchase of camels. Located on the Dubai Racing and Camel club road, drive straight on the Dubai-Al Ain road. You can find wonderful camel blankets that look amazing and can be used as throws.

2. Al Quoz

At first from outside the Al Quoz will look like a scary industrial area surrounded by large and monstrous trucks but once you drive ahead, you will know that it was worth visiting. Started as a small horse stable in 1992 and a small office has now transformed into one of the largest horse racing entity. Located near the Metropolitan Hotel, exploring the horse racing club is a unique experience. Drive carefully and be careful to find your way back and if you are not well versed with the roads then taking a guide is recommended.

3. Wadi Bih

Pronounced as Waddy Bee, this location is famous among the offbeat backpackers, trackers, campers and off-roaders. The hidden natural beauty is least explored and you will find the minimal crowd at this place. The hard bedded, rocky road and quite shallow roads to Wadi Bih takes you to canyon-like gorge located in Ras-Al-Kamiah. Camping, enjoying stargazing and enjoying small lakes, ponds, green oases, etc. is recommended activities at this location. Do not forget the camera and make the best of the place.

4. Ras Al Khor Wildlife Centre (RAWKS)

Whether you love birds or not, once you visit this location, we are sure you will be amazed to learn about the beautiful birds. Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary has located just 14 km from the Dubai Creek and covers an area of around 620 hectares. The best time to visit this place is during winter when more than 20000 birds and 500+ different species travel to this region. Recently it has gained a lot of popularity and people from all over the world visit this place for bird watching.
We hope the list of locations are of interest to you and if you have not visited these places in earlier Dubai tour package from Ahmedabad, do consider them in coming holiday season.



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