4 Incredibly Romantic Things To Do In Bali

Honeymoon is a really special time of one’s married life that helps the couple bond even stronger. A romantic honeymoon villa or a candle light dinner might sound romantic but aren’t these things a bit outdated? Bali is a highly preferred honeymoon destination from couples all over the world, but there are certain fun and romantic things you can do there which doesn’t have to be clichéd. Take a look on these 4 romantic things you could do in Bali before you book your Bali honeymoon packages from Ahmedabad.

Wander in the Sea of gold- Desa Belok

Lie exposed to the warmth and light of the beautiful marigold flower fields alongside the road that is between Bedugal and Kintamani. Fresh marigolds, incense and rice are commonly used for beautiful handmade offerings in Bali. This is such a unique spot which will allow you to capture many unforgettable memories in your camera. Your Bali honeymoon package from Ahmedabad must include a visit to this place.

Take a romantic stroll at – Campuhan Ridge Walk

The uncommonly short trek of Campuhan Ridge Walk will take you through rice fields, past beautifully designed massive villas and quaint Indonesian huts. The best time to visit this place is early in the morning to prevent any scorching heat that might not be very enjoyable. You will be accompanied by butterflies as you take a walk holding hands with your partner.

Visit Lake Batur

Your Bali honeymoon tour package from Ahmedabad is incomplete without visiting this extremely romantic and calm place.The sight that greets you at Lake Batur will leave you awestruck as you will find crystal clear water that will gaze at you. You will also spot a half-submerged hut type of house in the middle of the lake. You can sit and chill by the grass and enjoy the spectacular view or if you are a water person you can also take a swim in the lake. There are nearby villas where you can stay to enjoy an extended stay near Lake Bature.

Take a swim with your beloved on the top of a green canyon- Nandini Bali

If you are not a fan of crowded places and would like to spend some private time with your sweetheart, this 5 star luxury is just perfect for your honeymoon package. It offers every home comfort and a slew of luxuries which even include a rainforest spa .This place is a replica od the Belanise village that is set on the side of the lush green hill in- Ubud,. It is made up of only 18 thatched huts which are built with natural materials. Spend your honeymoon days relaxing in the incredible pool that is suspended 15 meters above from the gorgeous green canyon, or rejuvenate yourself with a massage- amidst a chorus of jungle monkeys.


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