Not So Common BUT Top 4 Exotic Havens of Spain for Your Next Holiday Tour

Spain is one of the unimaginably beautiful countries of the world which simply makes you fall in love with it. It will not be incorrect if we say that it is a destination that one should visit at least once in their lifetime. Beautiful landscapes, historical places, rich culture and stunning beauty that Spain has been blessed with, is simply impeccable. Each year thousands of people book Spain tour packages to explore and enjoy the beautiful locations in the country. This time we would like to recommend some of the uncommon but equally beautiful and exotic places where you can skip the crowd and enjoy with your loved ones. If you are planning to Spain tour package for next holidays then do consider these locations to explore much more than the places in the plan.

Coast of Cape Cocks, Asturias

You must have seen golden or white sandy beaches as well as white desserts but this beach is unique and stunningly beautiful. The spectacular beach, located in Antromero at the south of Luanco is filled with beautiful crystals across the beach. Not very long but just seventy metres in length and thirty metres wide, this beach looks like a land of crystals during daylight. Watching the shining crystals is one of the experience that you can never find anywhere else. Do not Google to find the real secret behind the crystal beach, explore it when you reach there.

The Costa Da Morte, Galicia

Located in the northern region of Iberian peninsula, the Costa Da Morte is an unforgettable place and like dream come true. The Costa De La Muerte was considered as the damn coast for several years but the popularity this place has gradually increased. You may not find much of tourists in this region but one thing is sure that you will enjoy the company of the locals, tasty cuisines and wonderful sightseeing.

Las Cuevas de Guadix, Andalusia

The amazing city of Spain – Las Cuevas de is located in the Guadix region. The origin of the city dates back in 1492. It is truly interesting and exciting to explore the wealth of this area where stunning work of manual excavation is done. When you actually come to know that they are just dug by pick and shovel, you will get awestruck.

Sa Calobra, Mallorca

Located in Mallorca behind the pedestrian tunnels that run through cliffs will ultimately lead you to the stunningly beautiful beach. Because it is not part of the tourism, you can find few numbers tourists escaped to enjoy the natural beauty. Most of the artists, visitors and tourists arrive during the summer to make the best moments.

Definitely there are several other hidden treasures in Spain that we will soon list out in out in another story. Till then if you happen to book a Spain tour package and explore any new place then please keep us posted.


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