Top Five Phenomenal Places to Visit during Your United States (US) Tour

One of the best feelings as a traveller is to learn about the most beautiful and least discovered places of any country or location. The feeling of exploring new places which are not so popular yet stunningly beautiful is altogether a different feeling. Similarly, in the United States, you can find a list of places where people frequently visit and enjoy their holidays. Undoubtedly these places are very beautiful and exciting, but how about learning about places which are different, unique and least explored. For your next USA holiday package, we have researched and identified some of the lesser known travel locations in the United States.

Charleston, South Carolina

As the second largest city in South Carolina, it may not be a big secret location but yes it is one of the cities which still has the southern flavour and had the significant role in the civil war. The beautiful architecture, blooming flowers, greenery and clean sandy beaches are some of the interesting places to visit in Charleston.

Barringer Crater, Arizona

Most of us have heard a lot about Arizona and its beautiful locations, but when you actually visit Arizona, you will be just amazed by its beauty. It is difficult to explain the beauty in words than actually experiencing. Barringer Crater is one of the beautiful locations in Arizona, however, less talked about but equally beautiful compared to other locations. Just 1.2 km in diameter, this location looks like a huge canyon that is just 50,000 years old.

The Lost Sea, Tennessee

The Lost Sea is United State’s largest underground lake which is a remarkable piece of natural beauty. Take a boat ride through the tunnels and relive thousands of years in few moments. There are few underground waterfalls and large clusters of stalagmites and stalactites.

The Heidelberg Project, Detroit

The wonderful art project started in Detroit, Michigan has grown into beautiful and creative art installations. In this project, abandoned houses are covered in stuffed animals, lottery numbers, etc. Visitors are welcomed to visit the city and wander around the community as well as collect pieces of art. It is a wonderful experience to watch beautiful houses designed in a variety of designs.

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

Valley of fire state park is one of the most deserted places in the United States. Spread across the area of 42000 acres and 55 miles, the red coloured desert landscape is home to some of the thousand-year-old trees. If you are nature lover then you will surely find this place very interesting. There evidence of ancient humans including three thousand years old petroglyphs.

No wonder the list is unending, but we have identified some of the best locations that you can consider while your USA holiday tour. If you have discovered similar location or need more information regarding the places, then please keep us posted.


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