These 5 Places Define USA

The United States of America, is a perfect blend of natural beauty, deserts, canyons, beaches and a lot more. Not many countries are blessed enough to serve as a one-stop destination for its tourists. America has always floored with its many staggering ranges of possibilities. Not many of the other countries have this much of natural beauty – mountains, beaches, rain forest canyons, deserts, glaciers – coupled with so many fascinating cities to explore, an unrivalled music scene and all of the things that make travelling USA so rewarding. The USA has numerous things to do and truck loads of places to visit while you are there. To simplify your trip planning and make it a little hassle-free, here are the top places to include in your USA summer tour packages from Mumbai.


I bet you will find endless reasons to fall in love with New York, but the main reason you will be head over heels for this place is its energy and the positive current the atmosphere has. You will never get tired of wandering around the massive concert halls, art galleries full of wild imaginations ad innovations and not to forget it’s restaurants. Watch the calm sun sink beyond the Hudson and the illuminous skyscrapers as they light up the night and give your eyes a surreal scene you can gaze on forever. The streets of New York are filled with all sorts of eye-candy starting from vivid architecture to colorful Buddhist temples to cafes, book stalls and curio shops.


Experience the calmness of the collective three waterfall that straddle between the international border of Canada and USA when you plan your USA tour package from India. The three waterfalls you will see there are Horseshoe Falls, the Bridal veil falls and the American falls. You will see that the place is adorned with beautiful colorful lightings and the sound of the rambling water will soothe your mind like nothing else. In the time of winter, you will visit the beautiful scenic tunnels, standing in the midst where the power packed Horseshoe Falls tumbles down from13 stories above!


New Orleans is all about experiencing the divine atmosphere and find serenity as you wander in the streets filled with perfectly aligned oak trees while watching the fireflies. This live and very cozy city is of great historical as well as architectural importance. Not many know this but New Orleans is the place where jazz music originated and thus you will find live music playing on almost every corner of the street which you can enjoy while strolling in the happening streets.


Miami is one glamourous and fun filled international city in Florida. Known as the ‘Magic city’ Miami is famous for its very typical style: the tall blondes walking in their stilettoes Lincoln Rd, , it’s karaoke bars,it’s fierce orange sunset which has heart of a million tourists. The heart of the city is downtown Miami across which lies the beautiful south beach. The city is also home to number of museums. These include, History Miami, Miami Art Museum, the Frost Art Museum. The city also organizes many annual events like Carnaval Miami and Calle Ocho Festival.


Arizona, is the most perfect and apt place for you if you are fond of roadtrips. The place stands out because of the places like Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, Cathedral Rock that add to its beauty. Indulge yourself in a twisting drive through the rugged Jerome and get mesmerized with the amazing surreal scenic beauty the place has to offer. The city covered with mountains has other natural places like Saguaro National Park, protecting the cactus-filled Sonoran Desert landscape.


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