Top Five Things To Consider Before Booking Your Bhutan Tour Package

The Kingdom of Bhutan is the second largest Himalayan state in Asia which is located in the eastern part of Himalayas. Bordering with China from the Northern region and India from the Western, Southern Eastern Side, Bhutan is the least populous nation in Asia. However, when compared with the scenic beauty and hilly valleys in Bhutan, it is absolutely impeccable. The mesmerising beauty of the Himalayas combined with nature blessed locations in Bhutan offers the best tourist experience to travellers. However, if you are planning to book your Bhutan tour package then there are few things to be noted.

Peak and Off Peak Period to Visit

The peak season to visit Bhutan is March, April, October and November. During these months you can find a large number of tourists travelling to Bhutan. Winters can be brutal so planning your travel in the month February or June and July can be considerably cool and comfortable. You can take help of the tourist operator to plan your travel and choose the best locations to visit.

Knowing the Seasons

If you are fond of trekking then the best months to visit are April, May, September and October. Whether you are experienced or at a beginner level, there are several trekking camps which are planned during these months can help you learn about trekking. Planning your trekking during the rainy season should be halted as Bhutan experiences light rainfall during monsoon seasons.

Check Festivals and Event Calendar

Several events and festivals take place during the year so check the event calendar before planning your trip. It will help you to take part in these festivals and enjoy the tour much more. Do not forget to take your camera along with you during the festival seasons.

Feel at Home

Choosing your accommodation at Bhutanese home style accommodation than any hotel rooms will give you more exciting experience. Apart from having a feeling at home experience, you will also enjoy the experience of local cuisines as well as amenities without modern facilities.

Enjoying the Luxury

After enjoying the home like experience, you can also plan to enjoy the luxurious stay at 5 star luxurious hotels at cost effective rates in Bhutan. Some of the famous and luxurious hotels in Bhutan are Uma Paro, Taj Tashi, and Terma Linca.

Choosing Warm Clothing

Bhutan is cool and comfortable even during the Summer season. Winters are chilly and brutal at times. So packing warm clothes will help you during the cold environment.

Bonus Tips

If you are planning to book your Bhutan tour package then do not forget to load your iPod or music player, carry few books that you can read while your travel and stay as well as carry DSLR camera.


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