4 Invigorating Spots Of Phuket To Charge Up Your Holidays

Life seems to be surprisingly different when it’s on a holiday. And this obviously means to be exploring some of the most spontaneous places of the planet. While one of the aspects of traveling completely relies on the expenses, there are many destinations, which are ideal when it comes to a budget vacation. Of course they are also charming from the perspective of their attractions too. Such a destination in this regards has been Phuket.

Located on the mountainous island of Andaman Sea, this is a rainforest that also includes some of the most serene beaches of Thailand. Opting for Phuket tour packages you would come across some of the exhilarating spots of the island that would indeed rejuvenate you during your excursion. Enticing daytime with stunning nightlife and adorable seaside resorts to sprawling markets; Phuket certainly has something for every frame of mind.

Check out the list of things that you could do while being on this mesmeric island-

 Patong Beach

This spot is popular as one of the longest beach of Phuket. And due to its popularity, the beach has always attracted the visitors of the island. The crystal clear water and the soft sands near the beach can tie you up for hours. Yes, you may not find a secluded place to keep watching the beach for long, but there are many shops and other activities that would definitely keep you engrossed.

Phang Nga Bay

If you are looking for some private time away from those hustles and bustles then a visit to this place would be truly worthy. The appearance of the lime cliffs emerging straight from the green waters of the bay and the dense vegetation covering these cliffs are just jaw dropping. Apart from these, don’t forget to spot the James Bond Island and Koh Panyee, the two most famous attractions of the bay.

Khao Phra Thaeo Game Reserve

Phuket is known to have various wildlife reserves and natural aquariums preserving the species. Khao Phra Thaeo is the one which is located above the water. Other than spotting down the species like wild boar, elephants, tropical birds and buffalos, you could also opt for some rainforest trekking or enjoying the vistas at Bang Pae Waterfalls.

Phuket FantaSea Show

Looking for some eventful time? A visit to the FantaSea show would serve you the purpose. The lights, the effects, the sounds and the cheer would steal up your mind. The entire event is carried out professionally by the group of well-trained artists that give out the feel as if Las Vegas Show is on air. Experience the night of colors with moments to cherish forever.

A holiday simply turns out to be remarkable with the destinations like Phuket. And you could definitely expect to get more of the Phuket tour packages. Plan out your next holiday for this beautiful and adventurous island.


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