Things That Will Make You Fall In Love With Scandanivia

Say hello to Scandinavia the home of sensible jumpers, the pickled herring, and a hell lot of snow. You might think that you know this northern European hub but- if you dig a little deeper you’ll discover so much more than you actually know. Scandinavia is your own portal to bold and natural landscapes and the ultra stylish cities. So before you plan a Scandinavia tour you must know the things and places you can explore there.

Northern lights on the Lofoten island

The wild scenic beauty of the Lofoten island is equally mesmerising all year round but it has a magical essence during the night time when the northern lights come out. The rugged mountains that seem to rise up straight from the sea provide framing to this place. Best time to visit this place is during the winter when the sky is filled with various colourful contrasts, hues and tones.

The Rapa river, Sweden

Only 75 km long, this river, however, passes through some of the most incredible sites, while it stretches from its source to Lake Tjaktjajaure. Laitaure Delta is the most famous part of the lake which is at the mouth of the lake. This area, due to the unspoilt and pure nature and the rough landscape is referred as the “Alaska of Europe”. There is indeed an impressive and variety of wildlife to discover. The site is to be found near Sarek National Park, which attracts a huge amount of backpackers. The delta is best approached from a plane or a helicopter. Tourists must not miss visiting this place during their Scandinavia tour.

The Troll wall, Norway

This impressive wall is a part of the Trolltindene mountain which is in the Romsdalen valley. It is 1,100 m (3,600 ft) tall and the height of the wall is the tallest vertical rock present in Europe. It is a great challenge for the climbers and base jumpers. This rock is not solid, the frequent storms and melting ice cause rock fall. Even if you are not a professional climber the landscape itself is breathtaking and worth a visit in your Scandinavia tour.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen has a lot to offer to its visitors starting from- the beautiful botanical garden and the parks, to the most exciting and happening nightclubs. This city is the centre of culture. It is also the home to many artists, therefore besides a number of galleries and museums, the artworks can be spotted on the streets itself. The residents and guests here, cultivate a free spirit in fashion and lifestyle here. Don’t forget to carry your camera along with you to capture the stunning surroundings and great art pieces.


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