Top 3 Tourist Attractions At Singapore

Singapore offers us more than just the high-end shopping malls, fine dining and luxury hotels. There is also a vibrant history about the place and diverse ethnic quarters to which you will discover only if you take up a Singapore tour package. Singapore is the blend of both family-friendly attractions as well as lovely public spaces that make visiting this- slightly futuristic city worthwhile. Here are the top attractions of Singapore city that you must visit during your Singapore tour package.

1. Marina Bay Sands

The opulent Marina Bay Sands resort complex includes a hotel, a mall with a canal running through it, high-end luxury brands, the Art Science Museum, and the Marina Bay Sands Skypark – a vantage point to witness the the entire city. The Skypark’s viewing deck and the infinity pool are in the form of a ship- that tops the hotel. The infinity pool can be used only by the hotel guests but the observation deck is open for everyone to visit. From the sky park, you will enjoy the view of the innovative double helix bridge, the Gardens by the Bay, the port and the stunning skyline. While you are up there on top of the city, you can grab a snack or sip coffee at the rooftop restaurant surrounded by breath-taking view. Don’t forget to pick up some keepsakes from the souvenir stand.

2. Singapore Flyer

If the observation deck at the Marina Bay Sands is not enough for you, try taking in high tea while gazing over the city from the one and only Singapore Flyer which is the world’s largest giant observation wheel. You get to choose from several different packages that will allow you to be pampered and served while you enjoy a view that- encompasses not only the Singapore skyline, but also reaches to the Malaysia’s Straits of Johor and Spice Islands of Indonesia .Each package includes access to the multimedia- Journey of Dreams exhibit that will give you a glimpse into Singapore’s history and about the creation of the Singapore Flyer. The Flights last for 30 minutes each and they start from early morning until late at night, so that you can choose which view of the city you want to enjoy.

3. Singapore zoo

Well known as the world’s best rainforest zoo, Singapore Zoo is a highly impressive place. From the very clean and inviting facility to the animals that appear to be well treated with plenty of lush vegetation and habitat space. The visitors can watch orangutans and their babies swing high above their platforms and snack on the bananas. There is also a big chimpanzee family, meerkats, , zebras, a komodo dragon, mole rats, kangaroos, white tigers and many other creatures. If you are visiting Singapore with your kids don’t forget to include this adventurous place in your Singapore tour package.


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