Everything That You Should Know Before Taking Tour Package To Canada from India

Before travelling to any foreign country, it is important to understand what are the do’s and dont’s in the country. Canada is second largest country in the world but compared to India its population is very less. Unlike travelling to any neighbouring countries like Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, or Thailand, Canada is altogether a different country with different culture and customs. There are few basic travel tips and things to ensure before you book Canada tour package from Mumbai or any part of India. The points mentioned below will help you to have safe and enjoyable trip.


The prime important thing before travelling to Canada is getting a visa. Unlike Thailand, Dubai or any nearby country, Canada does not have the process of arrival visa or e-visa. Each and every person who is planning to visit Canada needs to visit the Canadian consulate office to get their passport stamp. Always keep multiple copies of your visa while your travel when you are in the foreign country.

Travel Insurance

Depending on your purpose of travel, it is always recommended to take travel plan which can help you to cover travel cancellation, interruption or any kind of mishap. Even if your travel baggage is lost or you need medical assistance then the travel insurance plays vital role. Travellers coming from foreign country are not provided free healthcare facilities so with the help of travel insurance policy, you have the chances of getting it recovered.

Snow in Canada

India is a hot country and you must have experienced the chilliest winter to maximum of 0 degrees. However, Canada experiences extreme climates in which the winters are brutal. During the winter season Canada experiences heavy snowfall because of do not forget to carry warm clothes if you are travelling during the winter season. Wearing multiple layers of clothes is also a good idea but keep your hands, legs and head covered to prevent cold flu.

Food and Cuisines

Canada is blessed with different culture and cuisines. Due to the multiculturalism in Canada, you have the benefit to enjoy Asian, European, Italian and several other types of cuisines at one location. The staple diet of the natives include seafood so if you are not a non-vegetarian then no worries, there are several Indian restaurants where you can find vegetarian diet.


Almost all the cities of Canada are well connected you can find number of transportation options to travel from one place to another. In case you are travelling to any off the road location then you should take experienced guide along with you. Canada is large and some of the places look so similar that there are chances people who are new to the country can get lost. So, it is recommended to take cabs or bikes with experienced guide.

These are the five major things that we wanted to highlight for your safe holidays. If you have booked tour package to Canada from Mumbai or any part of India then do checkout the event list in Canada so you can be part of it.


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