Top 4 Things To Do When You Are In Bali

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Bali is an exotic location in Asia which always attracts a number of tourists from all around the world. There is too much in Bali to soak into, and that is the reason perhaps why people love to come here. Bali tour packages from Mumbai have been designed to make sure that the level of fun and frolic is at another level. Though when you are traveling to Bali you need to make sure that you do these top four things to make the most of your trip:


Visit Tirta Empul Temple

The serenity of this temple cannot be matched to any other temple in this world. The active prayer site here attracts not one but many people who come down to visit this temple from distant parts of the world. The holy mountain spring that is found here is often visited by the travelers and tourists. This ancient temple can be visited anytime in between 8 am to 6 pm every day.

Make Peace With Yourself In Jimbaran

Jimbaran is a lovely place in a tranquil setting that lies along the shoreline. Once it was said to be a quiet fishing village but now it has turned out to be as one of the most popular destinations. You can always take out some time for yourself here and experience the best of dinner experiences. This place can be easily reached by car and taxi and sunsets here are too beautiful.

Hike At Kintamani

Kintamani is located near the island’s northeast coast which is around 40 miles north of Kuta. This place turns out to be a place that is filled with adventure sports and people love to go hiking here. You can always hike up to Mount Batur for a bird’s eye view and then sit on a boat for a boat ride experience. Sunrise Hiking Tour is recommended here.

Be At The Elephant Safari Park

Elephants and Bali are closely related to each other. Therefore, you should definitely be at the Elephant Safari Park which plays North of Ubud. This is one of those safari parks where you can get personal and friendly with the elephants. This park is home to around thirty Sumatran elephants and is a treat in its own sense to be here.

These are the four must things to do when you are in Bali. Also, if you are looking ahead for a hassle-free trip then avail the Bali tour packages from Mumbai.


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