Top 5 Desinations In Switzerland For Couples Who Love To Explore New Places


What if you’ve been married for years? You don’t have to stop travelling just because your honeymoon has been over long ago. Gone are the days when ‘honeymoon’ was the only reasons couples used for getaways. Travelling with your partner brings you together in a way nothing else can. What else can be better than escaping in the snow clad mountains of Switzerland? The unspoiled lakes, thick alpine forests all together make a perfect set up for couples to take a break from the monotonous mess and get lost in the surreal beauty of this place.

If you are taking a Switzerland tour package from Ahmedabad, following are the places that you need to include.

1. Geneva

Begin your Switzerland tour from Ahmedabad by starting with Geneva. This second most populous Swiss city: Geneva is located on the banks of the beautiful Lake Geneva which attracts visitors with its collection of panoramic vistas & the extensive collection of indoor as well as outdoor activities. You can opt for the Swiss Safari that is hosted by Carmen Aebi to witness the stunning fountain on the lake, the Castle Chillon, the vineyards & the statue of one of the world’s best singer’s – Freddie Mercury at Montreux.

2. Zurich

Including Zurich in your Switzerland tour package, promises a romantic getaway experience which will enchant you for a lifetime. The stunning beauty & picturesque landscapes of this place the elements that make it a standout city. To make the most out of your trip, you venture out to experience the gracious historic churches, the art galleries, museums, bars and the abundant shopping venues for an unforgettable experience. You can even sing and dance, be a part of the cultural events that take place throughout the year.


Famous for the romantic hills and the happening night life Laussane has to be a must include in your Switzerland tour package. It is dominated by tree hills that make walking a great way to get around Lausanne. Make your experience even more pleasurable as you wander up the Rue de Bourg with your beloved. Finally precede up the hill to the gorgeous Cathedral whose rose window dating to 1275 which will simply take your breath away!


With a rich combination of surreal unspoiled lakes and various snowy peaks, the supremely scenic province of Ticino is located on the southeastern border of the Swiss valley is a classic example of Switzerland’s splendid natural beauty. Apart from the romantic boat rides, you along with your partner can take advantage of these scenic water bodies and also indulge in water sports such as windsurfing and water-skiing.


Beautiful lake side views, stunning landscapes & massive churches with a major historic significance are what make this beautiful Swiss village a fairytale town. To make your experience even more special, you can head off to Lake Lucerne for a vintage steamship cruise or even ride to mount Pilatus in a Gondola which is 7000 feet above ground level! Once you are done with the adventure, munch on some world famous Swiss chocolate – Cailler, Lindt and Toblerone.


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