Singapore and Malaysia, one of Asia’s best travel destinations

Traveling is always fun and someone who loves exploring the prettiest places around the world would surely agree to this statement. In the Eastern part of the globe, you have some amazingly serene, exciting and wonderful countries to explore. Singapore and Malaysia are indeed some of the most popular Asian travel destinations. If you are planning on taking a break from routine life and want to experience a lovely holiday, then all you need is some good Singapore Malaysia tour packages.

There is so much to experience in Singapore, everything from natural serenity and beauty to the tall skyscrapers can be seen here. From the many interesting options, here is a recommendation in Singapore.

Southern Ridges

The Southern Ridges in Singapore is a very unique and interesting place. It has many different parks that are connected to each other by a natural trial, which is as long as 9 kilometers. Few of the activities you can enjoy at the southern ridges are, Canopy walks, crossing Henderson Waves and skyline vistas. Some of the parks that are connected through this trail are Kent Ridge Park, Mount Haber Park and Telok Blangah Hill Park. This is a destination where you can also enjoy a refreshing walk and come close to nature without leaving the city. Southern Ridges is amongst the most famous tourist attractions in Singapore and a visit here would surely make your Singapore trip fun.

Malaysia is no less then Singapore. This wonderful country offers almost everything a traveler would wish for and it indeed has immense diversity. There is so much to do and so much to see in this lovely country. This place has something for every type of visitor coming here and promises a lot of fun.

There are many places and landmarks you can experience, explore when you visit Malaysia. Here is a suggestion.

Perhentian Islands

This is a destination, which people would love to put first on the list of places to visit in Malaysia. The Perhentian islands, is an archipelago of 2 islands Besar and Kecil. Both of these islands are really serene and boast of some of the most beautiful beaches. You can enjoy over here, white sand beaches with blue water along with shadows of tall palm trees. Not just the beach but also the underwater life is worth enjoying. With lovely coral reefs and a variety of marine life, the underwater experience is equally beautiful. The islands are mostly inhabited, which makes it a good place to spend time away from the busy city life.

Pick destinations where you feel happy to visit and make the most of Singapore Malaysia tour packages.


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