Explore The Local Markets Of Switzerland For The Best Of Things To Take Back Home

If you think that Switzerland is only about the snow laden mountains, the beautiful landscape it offers to the tourists then you are right. But more than that, you need to be answerable to your friends and family when they ask you what you have brought for them on your trip from Switzerland. To make sure that you give them the best of Switzerland head down to these local markets and do not miss out on the Switzerland Tour Packages:

PLAINPALAIS FLEA MARKET: Plain Palais Flea Market in Geneva first began in 1970 and has now become one of the largest flea markets in the entire country. Giving you more of an offbeat multicultural experience, you can simply hop onto a tram ride. You are going to come across a large number of stalls that are laid out here selling all kinds of antique goods, shot glasses, vintage birdcages, clothes, jewellery. So, find your right pick and head back to home with such amazing deliverables.

CAROUGE MARKET: It is said that there is no bad time to hang out and chill at the Carouge Market and every time you are here, it is the perfect time to be at. It was curated back in the 18th century. The shuttered townhouses here are attractive and are packed with great restaurants, independent workshops and artisanal workshops. The nightlife here is also attractive and the local food that is served here is going to add a bit of flavour to your shopping.

PUCES DE NYON: On the last Sunday of every month, Lake Geneva’s best and most picturesque flea market hits Nyon. There are shops that are lined up here up to one kilometre. The price of all the items on display are quite low and that is the sole reason why there are so many people thronging on to this place but at the same time, there is no compromise whatsoever in the quality of the items that are sold here. Everyone in this area loves to hangout with a sausage and other delectable items that are found here.

LAUSANNE MARKET: It is on Wednesdays and Saturdays that you are going to find a major chunk of people hanging on to this market as there are multiple fruit and vegetable shops that are lined up here. If you are a fond lover of food then you are surely going to find yourself in heaven as this place marks one of the greatest foodies stall that you are going to experience in the Swiss nation.

So, go ahead make Switzerland Tour Packages count once you are in these famous markets.


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