Four Prisitine Beaches In Thailand You Cannot Miss Out On

Thailand is one of the best possible places where you can plan your summer retreat. And if you are looking ahead and being choosy about the prevalent Thai food and getting indulged into some serious street-side shopping, then you also need to be choosy about the beaches because when you are in Thailand you cannot hang out on “ just another beach”. To make sure that you get the best out of the beaches in Thailand, here is a list of four beaches you should not miss out on:

Beach, Thailand Beach

Patong Beach

If you are someone who always intends to do more than mere worshipping of the sun then head over to the colourful and crowded Patong. This unofficial party capital is famous for its beach which just swings up to the moods of its visitors. This long beach which is spread up to 2.2 miles comes up with various vendors, hawking parasailing adventures, Jet Ski rentals and local wares.

Hat Pramong

Hat Pramong beach is often called as the Sunset Beach and is famous for offering beautiful and stunning sunsets. Taking you back to how Thailand once was, this beach gives you the perfect retreat you might be awaiting for. There are comfortable bungalows and huts that you are going to find here which offer comfortable stays.

Maya Bay

This indeed is one of the top-notch beaches in the entire world, which people love coming to, from all parts of the world. This sheltered bay which is surrounded by tall cliffs on three sides is a perfect location you can ask for and that is the prime reason why there are Hollywood films shot here. Diving and Snorkelling is one of the many things which you can experience here apart from just sitting by the beach.

Phra Nang Beach

Phra Nang Beach is located at the southern tip of Railay, a peninsula on the Andaman Coast that is framed by stunning limestone cliffs. The clear emerald waters and the white sand will make you stay there for some more time giving you one of the best feels in the world. Though, this beach is crowded at times, at the same time it is sure to leave you spell-bound. If you are into adventure then rock-climbing is the best possible thing to do here.

So, simply avail the Thailand packages and set out on the best vacation ever as Thailand packages also give you a perfect getaway into these amazing beaches.


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