Europe: A place best suitable for all kinds of travelers

It is nearly impossible to roam or tour around Europe and not be awestruck by its epic history, scenic beauty and dazzling culinary and artistic diversity. Europe is known to have some of the best nightlife of the world, as the globally renowned DJs keep playing their sets to make their fanatics go crazy. These parties lighten up most of the Paris, Berlin and London, which also offer some top-class entertainment like live music and theatre. If you don’t belong to that part of the crowd, don’t worry Europe has got you covered no matter what your idea of a perfect Europe tour package is. It has got all the good scenery that can soothe almost anyone’s soul, it has even got its cultural heritage on display for the ones who love to explore different cultures and study them. Below is a short list places you must include in your Europe tour package from India.

Alhambra, Granada

The Alhambra is Europe’s love letter to the Moorish culture. This is a place where leaves whisper, fountains drizzle and the ancient spirits ooze out from each and every part of its architecture. It is a part fort, part palace that has got a long line of excited visitors round the year. Its magical architecture and the cultural heritage backing that up is what makes it so intriguing to all the visitors.

Fjords, Norway

Sognefjorden is the Norway’s deepest and the world’s second longest fjord. It cuts a slash on the map of western Norway. In places, a gentle shoreline goes by running along orchards, farms and villages, whereas at other places the walls rise more than 1000m above the sea level. The broad waterway suffices enough for the most, but for the rest a small cruise through its narrower arms to have a view of cascading waterfalls and abrupt cliffs is necessary.

City walls and forts, Dubrovnik

This place is best suitable for the touristy crowd, who just love to wander around and to embrace the beauty of different places. Dubrovnik is a place widely known for its walls and forts. They were mainly constructed in the medieval age in order to protect the city that lies within, but are now a bit tourist attraction. Though the city is pretty much laid-back and has not really gotten out of its original feel, it won’t fail to amaze you.

Eiffel Tower, Paris

A visit to Europe, but not visiting Paris, is not an option for all the love birds out there. It has made its impression over time as the symbol of love, which nobody knows why. But yes, the experience to have view of sunset from the top of it with your partner in your arms is unparalleled. This place is a must to be visited for the couple leaving for Europe tour package from India.


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