Top Five Hidden Locations in Dubai That You Must Visit During Your Trip

Dubai is one destination that is never afraid of ambition. It keeps developing and modernising itself so speedily that several business houses are finding it as the Mecca of business markets. It’s happening city that never sleeps and has something or other to offer every tourist. You can find people from different countries in Dubai residing in the country for different purposes like jobs, studies, business and travel. The different level of cultural diversity in Dubai is hard to match with any other country in the Middle East. Similarly, some of the locations and tourist destinations are simply impeccable and difficult to find anywhere else in the world. We have listed few for your consideration during the Dubai trip.
5.Ski Dubai
Just because you touring in one of the hottest countries in the world that don’t mean you cannot have the experience of Skiing in Dubai. Although it is difficult to make it snow in Dubai, the one-stop winter resort ensures that their visitors experience the coolest temperature even if it is 120 degrees outside. The artificial mountain has multiple ski runs, toboggans and place to meet the penguins. The best thing is the resort cleans the snow every day by dropping the temperature and makes fresh snow for their next day.
4. The World Islands
Similar to the Palm islands, an archipelago which is located in the city’s coast, Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Maktoum initiated another project of islands which looked similarly like the world map. There are 300 islands in each country and when looked from the top it looks like the small world. The designing, conceptualization and architecture of the location priced around $14 billion. 9 of the islands are active which you can plan to visit and spend some quality time.
3. Dubai Miracle Garden
If you want to see the largest flower garden in the world, then you can find it in Dubai. The miracle garden is one of the grandiose projects that have been established in Dubai. In the total area of 775,000 square feet, more than 45 million flowers are grown in different designs and shapes using fields. The beautiful, as well as surprising thing, is the largest project has miraculously survived in the desert temperature. If you book Dubai tour packages from Ahmedabad then do not miss it!
2. The Elephant Clock
Although it may look simple, this elephant clock has been built within a span of five months exactly from the diagrams of 13th-century manuscripts. You can find the elephant clock in the 3.5 million square foot mall namely Ibn Battuta. You can find the elephant in the India court portion.
1. Dubai Gold Souk
Whether you need a golden cupboard, table, bed or even a knob, you can find here. Even during the off-peak seasons, you can find a lot of crowd in this location. People specially visit the souk to check out the newly designed items and purchasing golden items of their choice. Before you visit the souk, you should know that it is in the Deira section of the city and its official timing is 10 AM to 10 PM. Fridays it is open only until 4 PM.
We hope you liked the unique destinations in Dubai that you can consider as part of your tour. If you need more information regarding Dubai or wish to share your experience then please keep us posted!

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