Celebrate These Awesome Festivals On Your Trip To Scandinavia

If you wish to visit the Scandinavian countries then do not miss out on the fun that takes place in the various festivals that are celebrated in Scandinavia. Scandinavia is home to several forms of festivals which people do not miss out on. Every festival brings with itself happiness and rejuvenation. Scandinavian Tours From Ahmedabad is incomplete if you do not partake in the joy of these festivals:


This is one of the biggest music festivals in Denmark, Europe and has always attracted some really famous artists over the years that have set the stage on fire. There are also campsite parties which take place here and the people go mad once the ambience is all set up. From 24th June to 1st of July, this festival has attracted thousands of music lovers who gather together and celebrate life.


Bergenfest takes place in Bergen, Norway from the 14th June to 17th June in a historical fort which looks stunning when it is all lit up. There is a wide variety of music that keeps on going, according to your tastes and preferences. There is a unique vibe that radiates here and cannot be compared to anything else.


Pstereo is a festival with a very chilled out atmosphere celebrated in Trondheim from the 17th to 19th of August. There is a lot that you can expect out of this festival, right from BBQ nights to picnics by the lake as the amazing cityscape provides an excellent view. And at last, if you are an ardent lover of music then you would surely be amazed by the performing artists who come down to this place.


Tuska Open Air takes place in Finland and is purely a metal event which features some of the heaviest sounds from world renowned musicians. If you are a metal fan then you just cannot afford to miss out on this one as it has been described as the real metal festival institution by the renowned metal artists. This takes place from the 30th of June to the 2nd of July.


Secret Solstice is all about 24-hour midnight sun, atmospheric sounds of heavy house, techno, deep bass and trip hop amongst hot springs with beautiful green mountains and beaches to make up for a perfect ambience. Book your dates for this fest from 16th to the 18th of June.

If you love music then you are going to fall in love with the music scenes of Scandinavia and your Scandinavian Tours From Ahmedabad would definitely turn out to be successful.


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