Four Important “Must Visit” Places When You Are On Your Trip To Leh Ladakh

Leh Ladakh is a fascination in its own, a picturesque land which seems to amaze everyone who has been there. If you are planning to visit Leh-Ladakh, avail the Leh Ladakh Packages to ensure that you do not miss out on the fun and all the amazing places that this place has to offer. There are many hidden gems in this region but these four important places are surely a must visit:


Definitely a favourite among tourists, this lake has drawn individuals over years now. At an altitude of 4350 metres and a five-hour drive away from Leh, this enchanted lake leaves everyone mesmerised. The sheer expanse of this lake with a beautiful backdrop and clear blue water will not only leave you speechless but also soothe your senses. Spend some time here and make sure that you soak into the aura of this place.


One of the most magnificent Tibetian structure to have been built. The architecture and the beauty of this place cannot be merely praised through words. Located on the hilltop of Champspa in Leh, this beautiful Stupa which is dedicated to Buddhism is famous both, due to its religious significance and also for the splendid views of the surrounding mountain regions. It is also said that this marvellous structure is a great example of ties between Japan and India.


Leh Palace was built by King Sengge Namgyal in the 17th century. This palace is nine storeys high, wherein the upper floors are dedicated to the accommodation of the royal families while the lower floors are for stables and store rooms. The roof provides panoramic views of Leh and the surrounding areas. The Zanskar mountain range is also visible in the Indus Valley to the south.


Nubra Valley provides lush greenery in the middle of Ladakh’s dessert and provides some really amazing moonlike landscapes and slopes which are almost 3000m lower than Leh. During the summers this entire valley is spread with Pink and Yellow Roses and provides a sight which is beyond appreciation. While, if you visit this place in autumn then you can always witness the wild lavenders. In order to travel to this place, the tourists need to get an Inner Line Permit which they can obtain in Leh.

Sounds Interesting right? Leh Ladakh Packages will make your trip even amazing.


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