5 places one must visit in the heaven in the North, Leh Ladakh

Leh Ladakh is one place that is omnipresent in the bucket list of almost every youth nowadays. Even the energetic elder people are craving to visit this majestically beautiful place to test and challenge their own limits. Thus with the growing tourism in the northern region of Leh Ladakh, the local authorities are making sure to not let that take over the beauty of this place, and are working hard to preserve it. They are even hell bent in developing more and more motor able roads, places to visit, activities to indulge in and obviously to reduce the possible accident that happen in this rugged terrain. Below is a list of few places that one must visit while on their Leh Ladakh tour package.

Stroll amongst the giants, Zanskar and Ladakh Mountain Ranges

These large mountain ranges are so huge they can make anyone feel small. They will be your companion throughout most of your trip. They may even get a little intimidating at times, but the ultimate key is to enjoy these mountains with beauty that they have to offer. The rivers rush down the mountain making a loud roaring, yet peaceful sound, the steep mountain tops covered in snow, make a mirage of the sky on them. Every point here is an echo point with the areas spread wide; you may want to shout something towards the mountains.

The lake from the 3 Idiots, Pangong Tso Lake

I’m sure you remember the lake from the movie 3 idiots where silencer lost it all. It is the Pangong Tso Lake that travels across the international boundary from India to Bhutan. The lake is currently a hot destination among the visitors and also offers some camping ops. The rules here do not allow you to boat on the unrealistically beautiful lake but you might skate on its banks when it freezes up in the winters.

A place where you might want to stay forever, Tso Moriri Lake

This place is probably not as famous as the Pangong Tso Lake but sure is worth your visit while on your Leh Ladakh tour package. It is as beautiful and as unreal as an artist’s canvas painting, the calm and still lake in the bottom, with green and snow capped mountains for the backdrop and the blue green skies giving it a beautiful accent, just doesn’t get any better.

Highest motor able road for civilians, Khardungla Pass

Surely it doesn’t look much like a road, but it is the best they’ve got. It is managed by the ever witty Border Roads Organisation (BRO) who puts up funny and helpful road sign on all the highways up there. It is known to be the gateway to the North and is considered as a tourist place itself by a lot of travelers. You must take care of your health being at such a great height. Though the Tibetan flags are there that are known to keep the bad spirits away and to keep you safe.

Feel like a Stan Lee’s superhuman, Magnetic hill

The scientists from across the world come here to understand the reason behind this scientific law bending phenomena, but no one has yet been successful. They say you just park your car in the marked box with the brakes loose, and your car will start moving uphill automatically. Sorcery? Nah, it’s the super powers that you get from this place.


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