Have A Look At These Fun Packed Things Which You Can Do For Free In South Africa

International tours can be a little heavy on our pockets sometimes, the best way we can make the most out of it is by trying to save a little while not having to compromise on the fun things we desire to do while at our vacation. Now, we all love free things don’t we? Trying new fun things in Africa without spending a penny and exploring the land of the wilds on a budget sounds like a treat, doesn’t it? So, here are a few things which you can do for free while you’re on your South Africa tour from Ahmedabad which will create memories that you will cherish for lifetime.

1.Go on mountain hiking

Who said you have to go all the way to summit to watch splendid views? All you need to do is take a hike up behind the lower cableway station which  will bring you to the Contour Path which fairly runs level way eastwards around the Devil’s Peak to the King’s Blockhouse. Watch the stunning coastal views as you hike up in the pipe tracks which run alongside the mountain towards the Twelve Apostles.

 2.  Get a little tanned at the beautiful beaches

Stand right where you are and as you peer down from the pipe tracks, you will get a glimpse of some of the most stunning beaches of Cape Town. From separate bars and restaurants lined up with palm trees around it, you will find every spot worth clicking a picture at these beaches while you get sun-bathed. No particular water activities are done here as the waves are usually high making it unsuitable for any water sports, but you can simply chill at the restaurant order some good food and just admire the view in front of you.

3. Explore the street art

The vivid street art that adorns the nearby buildings is worth visiting at least once. A blue-hued painting of Nelson Mandela which covers one side of electricity Substation 13 on Canterbury St is the showstopper, while on the other is a mural dedicated to District Six. Both of these images are the work of Mak1one who also decorated the façade of Charly’s Bakery opposite, and whose distinctive street art can be spotted at several other locations around town.

4. Relax at the gardens and parks

In the heart of Cape Town lies the shady Company’s gardens where you can stroll and click pictures around. The trees around there will remind you of the Old Dutch times. The garden is filled with variety of flowers and praiseworthy statues as well. The Prestwich Memorial Garden is known for its quirky sculptures of the local artists.

5. Fall in love with books at the Centre for the Book

A unit of the National Library of South Africa, the Centre for the Book -aims to promote a culture of reading, writing and publishing in all local languages. You can look out for their reading–related activities and events such as poetry readings, writing groups and workshops. A visit to their soaring wood-paneled interior will inspire even the most reluctant bibliophobes.


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