The Four Best Shopping Areas In Switzerland You Should Not Miss Out On

On your trip to Switzerland, you are going to come across some most random and amazing scenic beauties which are totally going to take your breath away. These scenic attractions are one of the most prime reasons why people love coming to Switzerland, but the other less talked about the thing which tourists love to explore are the shopping and market areas in Switzerland, which are unique and perhaps one of its kind. Avail the Switzerland Tour Packages for some exciting deals. The four best shopping areas in Switzerland which are going to make you a complete shopaholic person are as follows:


Freitag is one of the most popular brand stores that you are going to come across in Zurich. The bags of Markus and Daniel Freitag are a brand in itself and the designs are world famous because they are crafted uniquely from truck traps and seat belts. Once you reach this place you are going to come across many other varieties of the same which are unique and extra-ordinary. Located in Zurich there is also a reference line wherein you can climb to the container tower to get a perfect view of the city.


A perfect shopping and boutique area in Zurich and is also a top-rated destination for all the local people who love to explore with fashion. The collections here basically consist of lifestyle accessories and some amazing brands. The ambience of this place is totally unmatched alongside a perfect welcome gesture while you enter this lovely place. Chole, Philip Lim and Isabel Marant are some of the famous brands that you are going to come across.


Limited Stock compromises of a quirky and extra-ordinary wonderland of goods which range from handmade gardening tools to porcelain jewellery. The major colours in the shops and in the products come in black and white and are mostly dominant throughout. You need to be ready to spend some money here because the goods sold here are surely going to attract you and compel you to buy.


Maurice De Mauriac is a shopping and boutique centre where you are going to come across some really cool watch brands if you are someone who takes a deep interest in watches. The Swiss quality watches blended with New York style attitude will make you go weak on your knees.

The Switzerland Packages are an interesting way to visit these shopping centres and take something back to your home for your loved ones.


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