Top 5 Must Visit Cities Of East Europe

Surprisingly modern and all thrill packed with end number of things to do, you should definitely plan an East Europe tour this year. A rapidly growing number of exotic destination seeking travelers are stealing away East Europe tour. East Europe arguably offers many cities which are rich in culture and medieval architecture and of course the scenic beauty, with just as much grandeur as Western European destinations. If you are from a busy city like Mumbai and you are planning to take a break from the monotonous city buzz, here are 5 amazing places you should visit during your East Europe tour from Mumbai.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

This 2,000-year-old- Roman outpost is now an unbelievably gorgeous green city which is compact and traveler-friendly and filled with life. You will find the cobbled streets, castles and squares which you would have expected for sure but, don’t be surprised as you uncover a buzzing nightlife as the locals here like to party hard. This city is known for one of Europe’s most progressive modern-art scenes.

Tallinn, Estonia

Although it has achieved fame for its cozy Christmas market that comes out every year, Tallinn is truly a great visit all year-round. Of course, Tallinn has all the fairy-tale charms which you’d expect, but you will be swoon at the sight of the shiny new skyscrapers and appealingly modern eateries which make it stand out from other Baltic cities. Artsy and energetic, filled with young backpackers everywhere, Tallinn is a great and budget-friendly escape.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

On the southern tip of Croatia- situated along the coast of the crystal clear Adriatic Sea, lies Dubrovnik which is a holiday town famed the world over. Although the winding streets and ancient city walls of this amazing city sees countless tourists in warmer months, it is still an incredible destination fully packed with art and history museums, picturesque views and not to forget- some of Europe’s best beaches.

Krakow, Poland

Krakow – manages to be simultaneously one of the Europe’s most exciting and active city centers and as well as Poland’s most somber historical spot. From Museums, the Schindler factory and to the remnants of the Jewish Quarter which tell Poland’s history, while at the same time,there is  the Old Town and Main Market Square which overflow with modern cafes, clubs and cute shops. Truly, Krakow aces in both its dimensions- history and entertainment.

Kotor, Montenegro

This Montenegrin city is already well-loved by Europeans as it is both at once- romantic and exciting. From the perimeter of its ancient city walls and into the medieval homes and historical monuments that lie within, Kotor’s attractions are undoubtedly incomparable and are best enhanced by a backdrop of a wide blue bay. You can take a walk or guided tour of the ancient labyrinth which include the streets or embark while on a vigorous hike up the steep mountainsides.


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