Top 5 places to visit in the most picturesque country, Switzerland

Switzerland is a little country that sits precisely amid the Alps, which makes 360 degrees of scenic views no matters where you find yourself. A lot of lakes also add up to the unparalleled alpine beauty of this country that has featured itself in a lot of movies from Hollywood as well as Bollywood as a perfect backdrop for their movies. Switzerland is also widely known for a lot of things like its variety of cheese, precise watches and milk chocolates. Below is a small list of best places to visit while you are on your Switzerland tour packages.


This is a picturesque little medieval city that has a history which dates back to the 12th century. The most talked about attraction here is the Zytglogge, an early clock tower that has moving puppets. A lot of bears are kept here in open air pits for you to see them as bear is the symbol of Bern. It even has one of the longest covered shopping arcades in Europe, which might excite a certain class of tourists.


This is one in the German speaking region of the Switzerland. This beautiful city has it all: mountains, a lake and the city life. Lucerne has one of the most photographed monuments of Switzerland, which is a 14th century Chapel Bridge and Water Tower. Monuments like these and others make Lucerne one amongst the world’s prettiest cities. Anytime you get hungry, they say you should try the Luzerner Chügelipastete, a local specialty that is said to have left a lot of tourists short of words.

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is one of the largest lakes of Europe and lies at the frontier between Switzerland and France. The main thing that attracts a lot of tourist to this place is the fact that it is surrounded by a lot of elegant towns and cities. Also the terrain here is a little unique which enables for the visitors to hike and ski on either the mountains or the lake.


Lugano is a place that has been nicknames to be the Monte Carlo of Switzerland because of its growing popularity amongst celebrities. Lugano is the city that is blessed with warm summers and is situated at the banks of yet another picturesque lake, Lake Lugano. This city is resides in itself a lot of Swiss heritage sites, including two libraries, three cathedrals and several museums. The city also hosts a musical festival every year in the summer which is called the Lugano festival.


The largest city of Switzerland, Zurich will mostly appeal to travelers with an interest in culture as it is the home to more than 100 art galleries and 50 museums. When you get tired of roaming around, checking out the Zurich’s cultural heritage, you might as well want to take a visit to the lake Zurich or maybe go hiking in the mountains nearby. This city also has a lot of clubs for the class of travelers who like to stay out late partying.


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