Top Five Must Visit Places in Malaysia for Coming Holiday Season

Almost all the tourists and travellers who travel to Asia make a note to visit Malaysia. There are several reasons why tourists mandatorily mark it as the must-visit location to their itinerary. However, we wish to majorly highlight that Malaysia has so many unique and beautiful places which can be further explored. In this article, we have tried to cover some of the underrated but unique and must-visit locations in Malaysia. So, if you are planning to choose Malaysia tour package from Ahmedabad or any part of India, then this article is of interest to you.


Miri is one of the often overlooked destinations by tourists visiting the Sarawak Region. If you are looking for a calm and quiet destination with few religious spots, then do not miss to visit Miri. It has the best climate, surrounded by the beaches and beautiful resorts to enjoy a day or two.


Kuching is among the top on the list of must-visit destination because it has the rich culture and heritage of Sultan Iskander. If you are a shopaholic then it is an apt location to fill your thirst. Needless to say, the night life is also equally exciting and charming as in other cities of Malaysia.

The Perhentian Islands

The Perhentian islands are just a few miles away from the Terengannu destination. It is among the lesser known islands in Malaysia but one of the most beautiful islands of the region. We assure you that once you visit this place, you will just fall in love with it. Moreover, because it is a less known island, you will find fewer tourists crowd and enjoy ample amount of time with your family & friends.

Kapas Island

Just another island that is nearby Terengannu destination and you should cover it along with the Perhentian islands. Kapas Island is also a peaceful and relaxing destination where you can get the best seafood and enjoy scenic beauty at comparatively cost effective rates. If you have been looking for a uncongested place to spend some quality time with your family, then you here you go!


It is the 9th largest city in Malaysia and famous of the different types of beaches at one location. If you have been looking for the best destination to enjoy water sports, then here it is waterfalls, beaches, lush green Natural Park and much more. Kuantan has something for each of its tourists.

If you wish to share your experience or wish to know more about the Malaysia tour package from Ahmedabad or any other part of India, then keep us posted.

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