Hong-Kong and Macau is surely going to turn out as a dream destination for you if you have planned your vacation in these two lovely places of Asia. While there is so much to see and enjoy here, there are four major things which you need to do in order to ensure that you have the time of your life here:
VISIT THE HISTORIC CENTER OF MACAU: This is the place where you are going to encounter the unique and different culture of Macau. The lovely historic Portuguese buildings are very pretty and elegant. The combination of the Portuguese culture with the Chinese makes it a perfect amalgamation for the tourists who come to visit this place. You can take leisure strolls here and also stop by at a lovely restaurant.

SPEND A LOVELY TIME AT THE MACAU TOWER CONVENTION & ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE: The amazing height here is surely going to make you go awe-struck. Considered to be as one of the must see place in Macau there is also a platform and a restaurant on the 60th floor which rotates and while you are enjoying the rich buffet you can also gaze at the rich views that comes along. If you are into a bit of adventure then make sure that you climb up to the 61st floor and go on a bungee-jumping.

SEE MAGNIFICIENT VIEWS FROM VICTORIA PARK: If there is one must do thing to do in Hong Kong is that you should straightaway go to Victoria Park to get some magnificent views where you can easily see the Kowloon’s eight mountains on a sunny clear day. Although there are not one but many ways to reach the top it is preferred and recommended to go on a peak tram wherein you would be experiencing the world’s steepest funicular railway.

RIDE THE STAR FERRY: Ride the star ferry wherein you would get a chance to be a part of one of the most scenic boat rides. The best treat in the world is when you can easily gaze at the skylines on both sides of the water. If you are really wishing to get the best views of the place then you should ride the star ferry in the night for an unmatchable experience.

With these amazing things your SINGAPORE MALAYSIA TRIP is surely going to be amazing.

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