5 Best Places To Explore In Hong Kong To Make It The Most Memorable Trip Of Your Life

Whether you are a first time visitor or you’re visiting Hong Kong for the tenth time, this place has so many things to do and explore that you can never have enough of this place. There are so any places filled with perky restaurants to eat and drink, places to see, markets to shop and some of the best museums to spend your evening at. Hong Kong is also a major business hub where traders from all around the world visit. Hong Kong also ranks first in the number of skyscrapers which provide a mesmerizing view of the Hong Kong skyline. If you are planning a Hong Kong tour Package, make sure you check out these top 5 worth visiting places of Hong Kong.

1.Star ferry

There is much more to do in Hong Kong than what meets the eye, Famous since 1880, this attraction costs only a few Hong Kong dollars to take a ride. As you pass through the sky cladding building and fairly appreciable greenery around you, it is quite hard not to be amazed by the scenery around you. The lush green mountains and the cool refreshing breeze will rejuvenate you and make your ride worth every penny spent.

2. Victoria Peak

Your Hong Kong tour package is incomplete if you’ve not soaked in the beauty of the skyline from Victoria Peak and clicked a few pictures of this surreal sight. Hop on the tram which will take you to the viewpoint where you can have a bird eye’s view of all the hustling and bustling city life, browse on the greenery, and spot sky high illuminated buildings.

3. Wong Tai Sin temple

Located in Kowloon, this temple is one of the newest and most interesting sights in Hong Kong. This temple was originally created in 1920 which was later replaced with a newer structure in 1968. This temple was created in honor of god Wong Tai Sin who is considered to be the bringer of good luck. This massive temple is made up of several building, each having its very own significance.

4. Tsim Sha Tsui

The harder it is to spell this place; on the contrary the easier it is to have a gala time at this Kowloon. This place is the heart of Hong Kong where you’ll find number of classy restaurants and cafes, posh boutiques, and lots of vendors selling interesting stuff. You can also explore the place. Tsim Sha Tsui is a shopping and entertainment hub which is located in the south of neighborhood which has interesting points like – former Kowloon-Canton Railway Clock The Tsim Sha Tsui Cultural complex, Hong Kong Space Museum and the Hong Kong Museum of Art.

5. Ocean park

Every thrill covered up to pump up your adrenaline rush! This theme park boasts all types of adventures you would want to try out on a vacation. From Roller coaster to aquariums and taking a walk through the old Hong Kong and finally taking a look at the exotic wildlife this theme park is fun packed with action and thrill. One major specialty of this park is that you will come across various species of Pandas which include Giant pandas, Red pandas and a few others.

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