5 Thrilling Destinations In Europe To Uncover The Wild Side Of Europe

Europe is a one stop destination for every kind of tourist. Other than the stunning Alpes, mountain valleys, crystal clear lakes Europe also has a total different side to boast about. Very often travelers wish to discover this unsung side of Europe – its wildlife. If you are an adventure and wildlife enthusiast you Europe tour package from Mumbai must include visiting these wildlife paradises.

Wild boar, Germany.

Wild boars are often dangerous but one must make the most out of the opportunity to see them. These wild beasts are known to destroy crops. You can go up hiking on a self-led walking trip through the romantic landscapes of Central Franconia in between the Main and Danube Rivers it is most likely to spot them in the forests there, along with other animals like deer, buzzards and polecats.

Killer whales, Spain.

On the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society’s trip, you can follow orcas as they hunt blue fin tuna in the Strait of Gibraltar. There’s a very good chance that you might as well see them along with other marine beasts like pilot whales and dolphins. You can also visit Roman sites or relax on the beach.

Elk and beaver safari, Sweden.
Sweden, has the world’s highest density of elk, while you visit Sweden your expert hosts guarantee you the sightings of the “kings of the forest” as you track them by yourself on foot and try to et a glimpse by mimicking their call. Then at dusk when the chances of spotting are high, you can quietly go to Lake Skarsjön, where beavers visit the most.

Amphibians and reptiles, Portugal

The mudflats and sandbanks of the Sado estuary located just at south of Lisbon– is swarmed with all types of slimy and cold-blooded inhabitants. From the plodding Spanish terrapin to the spiny-footed lizards, the marbled newts, the very uncommon west Iberian painted frogs and the Montpellier snake you can explore plenty. You might also want to keep an eye out for- voles, otters, bats, polecats and some dolphins thrive here too. It is also one of the best bird-watching spots in Portugal.

Chasing butterflies, Croatia.

Croatia has to be your darling destination in your Europe tour package if you are a hardcore nature lover. Experience what living in serenity is as you run with the charity Butterfly Conservation which reveals why your trip was worth it. You can stay in comfortable hotel and see exquisite creatures around you which include the turquoise lakes and the waterfalls of Plitvice, the seldom-visited Velebit Mountains, and the limestone gorges of Paklenica with dramatic coastal scenery throughout the route.

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