Top 4 Enthralling Honeymoon Destinations of Singapore

They say-“Marriages are made in heaven”. That may be true, but what if one speaks about honeymoon? It indeed is intended to be enjoyed by exploring some of the most romantic places on Earth. Isn’t it? Of course, one of the best options that allow couples to have some quality time together is a honeymoon. Fortunately, there are various incredible destinations to intrigue honeymooners like Singapore being one of them.

An island, that has established itself as one of the topmost visited destinations globally, Singapore is a worth visit when it comes to be on a honeymoon. The multiple ethnicity, breathtaking views, scrumptious cuisines and the charming ambience are just enough to make your honeymoon trip more electrifying with Singapore tour packages. So what could one expect to get from this destination while on a honeymoon? Here goes the list below-

  • Changi Point Coastal Walk- Catch the captivating view of the sea strolling over custom made bridge holding your beloved’s hand. Observe the hilltop chalets, kelongs, heritage trees and the passing boats that add to the beauty of this spot. The best time in a day to visit this place is during evening when you can enjoy the mesmerizing scenery with some spectacular views of sunset.
  • Bukit Batok Town Park- Needless to mention, this is one of the darling places for couples when one thinks of enjoying a honeymoon spot at Singapore. Make some unforgettable memories by visiting Xiao Guilin which is popular for its placid lagoons, lush green forests and some attractive hills. Don’t forget to take few selfies to cherish the memories of this place.
  • Mount Faber Cable Car- Sit back with your better half to enjoy some aerial experience inside athrilling cable car. Dedicatedly designed to take to and fro trip of Mount Faber, the cable car takes you on a joyful ride for about 90 minutes where on the way you could take pleasure of top views of Sentosa and Mount Faber. Apart from this, treat your tummy with mouthwatering dishes nearby the spot.
  • Botanic Gardens Singapore- This is one of the best options when you want to be on a secluded and peaceful place, away from the hustles and bustles of the city. The entirely green and clean environment ultimately books your next couple of hours or more to give you a feeling of being in the laps of nature. Enjoy the beauty of flora spread across various mini gardens to make your day.

Choosing a honeymoon destination is no more a daunting task. With Singapore tour packages you could gift your partner a holiday full of remarkable memories with your company.


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