Top 5 things to engage in while on a Singapore Malaysia tour

Singapore Malaysia tour is and has always been one of the top choices for Indians to go to for their vacations. But what is surprising is that almost all the people that go on a Singapore Malaysia tour  do not come back with a bad or even a ‘not so good’ experience. Malaysia and Singapore comprise for one of the best skylines present in the Southeastern Asia. They’re also jam packed with fun filled activities that make sure entertain everyone, regardless of their age group or their interest group. Below is a short list of few such things to do while on a Singapore Malaysia tour to make yours worthwhile.

Visit Kuala Lumpur:

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of the small island country, Malaysia that is full of vibrant cultures, activities and experiences. From the smells, bargains and colors of Chinatown to the skyrocketing Petronas Towers, this is a city that blends historical and the contemporary. Get a bird’s eye view from the Kuala Lumpur tower, enjoy the foliage of the Merdeka square, get a photograph with the Victoria clock tower (now, the Court), etc.

Night safari in Singapore:

If you go and ask anyone around Singapore about top things to do there, I’m sure Night Safari will be one of the first things they’ll recommend. This premier night zoo gives you a chance to see over 1000 nocturnal wild animals in their natural habitat while they hunt, play and prey.

Have a taste of the local cuisine:

Spicy, colorful and full of fish ingredients, the pocket friendly yet super tasty local cuisine makes sure you don’t shed much from your pocket to get the best of their culinary. Though the majority of menu will be filled up with non veg items, it is not much of a task to find veg yet tasty food items here. Don’t misunderstand the cheap prices for low quality.

Clarke Quay, Singapore:

This is one must stop on your Singapore Malaysia tour. Singapore is known for its shopping and there can’t be any better place than Clarke Quay. Singapore emerged itself as a country at the banks of Singapore River, which now is a busy place filled with locals and tourist looking for some good shopping wining and dining. The architecture here is as astonishing as the bargains.

Taman Negara National Park:

This is just the right place if you’re done with the concrete jungle and want to free yourself in some serene, calm and nature filled place. With its 4000-sq km of forestland, this is exactly where you want to find yourself. Taman Negara National Park flaunts a wide variety of flora and fauna, you might as well get to be a part of an encounter with a few exotic animals like tigers and elephants. You must spend a night under the open sky, stargazing, which here is a part of safari.


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