Your proper guide to places that you need to visit during your South Africa tour if you’re an adventure junkie

Welcome to the land of Lions, the adventure capital of the world- South Africa. If you are looking for a destination which offers you every possible adventure, a South Africa tour package is all you need to plan for. The land of opportunities South Africa, has every aspect covered that would attract tourists of different tastes. From world-class museums to wildlife to the flora and fauna, South Africa tour package has everything. Here are some of the major highlights of this country which will tempt you to visit this wonderful place.

South African Safari.

Can you ever forget seeing a lion just a few feet away from you in open land? Safari park in South Africa will make all your wild wishes come true.  This area is a 56000 acres widely spread area which is the home to so many incredible species. You are very likely to spot a lion and spotting zebras, deer’s, and cheetah is very common here.

Discover world-class surfing.

South Africa is blessed with a coastline that extends for more than 1600 miles which makes it a famous hub for different kinds of water sport activities.  If you are into surfing this place is heaven for you. Few of the famous ones and most preferable ones are Muizenberg for beginner waves, or Big Bay near Blouberg Beach.

Go swimming with the sharks.

Do you prefer being under water rather than being over it? Here your chance to set your dreams into reality. Dive in and watch the world’s greatest apex predator- the great white shark in its very own natural environment. You can also dive in with a steel cage for protection or swim with the tiger sharks all on your own.

Go hiking amidst the stunning scenery.

Other than its adventurous and raw side, South Africa has yet another side of it to unveil- the serene natural beauty. The best way to make the most out of your South Africa Tour is to explore these scenic sights in foot. There are many long-distance hiking trails that take you through the surreal routes and discover the country’s unseen beauty.


  1. Charge up your cameras for the Cape floral region.

The Cape floral region is the home to more than 9500 species of flora and fauna. It boasts certain species of flower which are to be found nowhere else on the earth. A major attraction here is the wildflower which blooms during a specific time every year. The best time to visit this place is during July and August.


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